PK, Volvo S90 or Audi A6L?

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The New Year has already started, and after experiencing the inconvenience of bringing family and family to visit each other and the fatigue of travelling, many friends have set their car purchase goals for 2022.Especially for some friends who have married, luxury cars have become the first choice, which is not only convenient for family members to start the journey experience together, but also convenient to store the luggage of family members in the large space.Audi A6L or S90, the luxury flagship of Volvo, which can become your dream car?The appearance level line, Volvo S90’s more calm and atmospheric car appearance for its target users, is a natural external appeal.As you can see, both the Volvo S90 and the Audi A6L have family design styles.Among them, the Volvo S90 from Northern Europe delivers Scandinavian aesthetic design, and the luxurious version shows noble and elegant temperament everywhere.As you can see from the headlights, the Volvo S90 uses the iconic “Quake” LED headlights, which are luxurious and recognizable.Volvo S90’s central grille is a slightly hexagonal, chrome-plated straight grid of the water tank cover, such a design, not only highlights the elegant atmosphere of the overall outline of the front face, but also further strengthen the noble and luxurious atmosphere of Volvo S90, the overall exudes a confident attitude from the inside out.Audi A6L emphasizes the fashionable sense of The German chariots.Audi A6L from the lamp factory, the corner of the headlamp design sharp sense highlights, always highlight their own fashion sense of personality.The polygonal design of the central grille, coupled with chrome trim, also looks sharp and advanced.With an extra long wheelbase, the Volvo S90 has a more luxurious sense of space and comfort is undoubtedly one of the dimensions that car buyers look at.Think about it, when you take a family out on vacation, only the spacious interior space gives you a long drive multiplied by superior physical comfort.The length, width and height of Volvo S90 are 5083/1879/1450mm, and the length, width and height of Audi A6L are 5038/1866/1475mm. The overall size is almost the same. However, the wheelbase of Volvo S90 is 3061mm, while that of Audi A6L is only 3012mm.The Volvo S90 has much more legroom in both front and rear seats than the Audi A6L, so the Volvo S90 has a superior ride sensation.It is worth noting that the wide leg room and high quality collocation will further pull up the driving body sense.The Volvo S90 is made of advanced perforated Nappa leather, as is the Audi A6L, which has soft padding and relatively weak support.In addition, Volvo S90 or by the Swedish royal school of medicine in orthopaedic surgeons and Volvo engineers develop ergonomic chairs, seats, natural smooth surface not only elegant atmosphere, but also to ensure the best ergonomic design, to maximize the joint ride back surface, at the same time also can give the crew the best coated and supportive,Thus effectively reduce the fatigue of long-distance driving.A netizen once joked that the happiest moment for a married man in his middle age is when he takes a 10-minute nap in the parking lot after driving home from work, and only these 10 minutes are completely his own time.If in this ten minutes, equipped with high-quality sound intoxicated for a while, will inevitably sublimate the ten minutes N levels.Volvo S90 bao HuaWei jian audio industry reputation we all known, the stereo mode is equipped with 19 independent speaker, 12 channels, effective power 1400 w, digital processing, support FLAC, WAV nondestructive format, with unique “space conversion technology”, the nautilus technology created immersive listening experience.Among them, four professional music modes include “studio”, “independent stage”, “concert hall” and “jazz club”. The four music modes can be switched at will to meet the individual listening needs of different music lovers.Audi A6L uses B&O 16 speakers, which are also well-known in the industry.But because Volvo S90 uses laminated sound insulation acoustic glass, the window sandwich contains plastic sound insulation material, can more effectively block external noise into the cabin, improve the overall cockpit calm, so that compared with the two, Volvo S90 can give cabin staff more vivid and beautiful music listening experience.In addition to the auditory enjoyment of artistic conception, in the aesthetic needs of touch, Volvo S90 is also full of sincerity, it carries a brand new design of Sweden’s well-known Orrefors crystal shift lever, feel warm and delicate, outstanding texture, like a work of art presented in the new S90 cabin, highlighting the luxury and value of top models.Take a look at Audi A6L again, the traditional cortex shift lever, although the pursuit of cortical luxury feeling, but the form is slightly bloated.In conclusion, when it comes to dream cars, everyone has different love preferences.The Volvo S90 and audi A6L, by contrast, have their strengths.In the New Year, if you have purchases, especially hope can bring your family travel, also can have a superior driving experience, or prefer to recommend Volvo S90, after all, Volvo S90 can provide a more comfortable and spacious interior space, the line of audio brands combined with the perfect collocation of insulation, allure is absolutely.