I’m nobody, but I’m lucky enough to have you

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“Nothing in this world is more sinister than the human heart.You can kill the immortal, but you can injure the body of the immortal.””Speak human language.””I was dismembered by my ex.””…So…Why are you still alive?””To meet you.”Tu Xiao Ning had had her fortune calculated since she was a child, and her husband said that she had five elements of fire and gold, and that she would make money in the financial industry, and that she would have the help of a noble person.But she entered the bank three years wealth did not come loose of pour quite fast, she did not letter, until met Ji Yuheng, ah?Does it look like there’s someone important?The first time, the nobleman asked her: “Have you forgotten something?”The second time, the noble ask again: “Thank over?”For the NTH time, Tu Xiao Ning said: “Your honor, I have nothing to do but promise with my body.”Junior high school you are the student school grass of outstanding achievement I am the student of unknown achievement poor, meet again hind our relation is very complex-ji Yuheng: “later noon don’t literally come over.”Tu Xiao Ning: “Why?Afraid to say you unspoken rules?”Ji Yuheng pulled back his tie, “If you move again, please go out.””Leadership……””You stand right there, don’t come near.””Leader ~” “Speak well.””Oh, that husband, just lipstick delicious?”A sentence copywriting: the sea floating, min living beings, I am a nobody, but this life lucky you are beloved.Poor students & workplace white vs school grass & social elite workplace couple + first marriage love, very sweet and happy, not sweet to cut me!Ruan An, who is worth ten billion, went back to his Alma mater and wanted to donate a building, but he fell in love with a college student.Boy shirt washed white, thin and straight, black hair light pupil, beautiful jaw line, very beautiful.Ruan an was confused by beauty, two people collided, he picked up Ruan an dropped on the ground of the file, smile: “classmate, remember to see the road.”The sound is like a spring, and the man is like a jade.Ruan An more than 20 years by, tempted to move the earth cracked ring.So she built her own personal device.A little white flower girl with some difficulties falls in love quickly with a poor and beautiful male college student.Two people are very in tune with each aspect, half a year got a certificate.Married life, though meagre, was sweet.In the wedding anniversary of the night before, ruan An as usual in the company for fine dress, to see the private club behind the so-called major shareholders.”Ruan general,” the secretary introduced: “this is Gu Tactic, Gu general.”Ruan an looked at every day with her nest in a hundred flat apartment pillow people, at this time in a suit, proud and dignified appearance,……The heels almost broke.”An ‘an,” he said, smiling and melting his face like ice, “let’s move to Linjiang Mansion. I’ll make a garden for you.”Yuen An an: “……..”Fuck poor, beautiful college students!A word introduction: I do not want to insult you with money results you his mother than I have money?* This article also known as: “two presidents of humble living” “how to make the day of the budget” “poor guide to understand” “you and I have no chance, all rely on me to play” double first love;It’s not brother and sister;Early part of the campus, generally speaking, is probably a love and marriage sand sculpture small sweet text;Mingwei had the honor to play with Mu Tingzhou, acting the princess he carefully taught, but Mu Tingzhou car accident coma, wake up claiming to be too fu in the play, from now on to her in all respects and guan Guan Xi!I want to devote my whole life to making a movie. Miss Ming, would you like to be my heroine?Lucy thought that Yi Zhen would only be a stain on her history of flirting with Chinese characters;But I did not expect that he became the end of her history.After meeting you, you become the biggest reason I wash my hair and go out every day.A battle of wits between two old drivers;Through the ages, which phoenix is more unlucky than her?The opening is fengluo Tianhai by chicken bullying, fortunately met magnanimous high to overlook sentient beings of the Phoenix king, into the divine world on a good day, more blessing in disguise to eat fengshen Dan, into human form, think calm, who variable sudden health.Kill the reincarnation of the virtual god demon emperor, the ancient Shenwei, look at the six world, no one can make, heaven spread a re-seal his prophecy…A joy, cry and laugh, it is who’s plot, who’s wisdom