The epidemic unseal, the woman happily stand on the stool hot dance, netizen: take medicine top

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As a result of COVID-19, many people have been forced to stay at home, unable to work. No work means no income, and no income means nothing.Especially their own business, no income even if, but also continue to pay rent water and electricity, pressure in the warehouse goods are money, money in the pocket only out, replaced by who are big.So, when COVID-19 broke free, the people who were most happy were those who were doing business. Their happy mood was like a reservoir of water pouring out.A young woman wearing a black hat stands on a plastic chair at the Lotus Pond Wholesale market in Chengdu, Sichuan Province, March 26, 2022.Someone nearby is playing light music, the woman raised her hands and shook her body to the music, she is dancing, and it is hot dance.Other merchants in the market crowded around to watch the woman dancing so excitedly, with some even taking out their mobile phones to film the funny scene.This woman is a merchant in the market, and she has been out of business for some time due to the COVID-19 outbreak, not just her, but all the merchants in the market.During that time, everyone was forced to stay at home and had no income. All of us had haze in our hearts. We paid attention to the epidemic situation at home every day, hoping that the epidemic would soon pass and we could open our business as soon as possible.Thanks to the efforts of the epidemic prevention workers, the epidemic was soon over, and the wholesale market was finally open for business. The woman and other merchants were very happy. On the first day, she found a stool, turned on the music station, and shook her body happily.It was just a normal behavior, but someone shared it online, and some netizens thought the woman had taken medicine to make her do this.Is there a hospital nearby?We should get her checked out as soon as possible.In response, the author of the video said: “A kind word can hurt people in winter, but it’s cold in June. It’s just leisure time to release the pressure and let everyone have a good time. It doesn’t hurt anyone.However, most netizens expressed their support for the woman’s behavior, with one saying: “I love this kind of girl. The most important thing is to be happy.Author’s opinion: COVID-19 has not only affected People’s Daily life and work, but also people’s mood. The author was “lucky” to have been quarantined and experienced the feeling of staying at home and doing nothing.Proper entertainment can release the haze in the mind and refresh people to meet all challenges, which is not bad.If a netizen does not want to see others happy, don’t look at it, there is no need to specially leave a message to slander others, it is not good for anyone.COVID-19 has been going on for more than two years and there is no telling when it will end. Some places have come and gone, some have gone and some have come and gone, and some have been tortured over and over again.I have read on the Internet that many business owners have had to close their doors due to the impact of the epidemic, which is really worrying. I hope the epidemic will soon pass, so that everyone can live a normal life.