The National football Team 0-2 defeat of the Japanese team, People’s Daily comments hit the nail on the head, let’s see what Li Xiaopeng said

2022-07-24 0 By

China’s men’s national football team lost 2-0 to Japan in the seventh round of group B of the World Cup on January 27, Beijing time.Once again, the team’s performance disappointing, the result is unexpected, but also in a sense, after all, Chinese football has 24 year in Japan, and Japan is a frequent visitor to the World Cup, not only before the game, they ranked second team, only in the Chinese football team fifth, the gap between the two teams is obviously not yiding half hour.This match, Wu Lei as a foreign player, his performance was disappointing again, the facts proved that Wu Lei in the world Series is really difficult to bring enough help to the Chinese men’s national football team, he and ITO Junya, Yuya Ohsu and other Japanese stars still have a certain distance.Wu Lei touched the ball 26 times in 87 minutes, with a pass success rate of 53% and a SofaScore score of 5.9, the lowest in the game.Dayu yong also played 58 minutes, the full court data: 5 dribing-all success, 6 times to win ground confrontation, point shot first record, SofaScore gave him 7.6 points, and ITO Junalso after the score is as high as 8 points, the first.Of course, the loss was not wu lei’s fault alone, but as a Chinese star playing for a La Liga club, fans clearly expect more from him.This match shows that the gap between Chinese and Japanese football is omnidirectional, no matter in terms of consciousness technology or unity.As a result, China has beaten Vietnam only once in the first seven rounds, losing or drawing the rest of the matches, and the match highlighted the importance of Luo Guofu, who was vulnerable to a 2-0 loss to Japan in their last game.This was li Xiaopeng’s first game in the New Year and also his first official game as coach of the National football Team. Li Xiaopeng expressed his sincere apology to the fans for the loss. He said that the players had made all their efforts and he should take the responsibility for the loss.Compared with Li Tie, Li Xiaopeng’s speech at the press conference was obviously more rational, but The Chinese men’s football team wanted a victory.This match also shows that the current situation of Chinese men’s football team is far from simple, the most important thing is to find confidence and break the spell.The state-run People’s Daily also hit the nail on the head after the game, writing: “Neither the new coach appointed at the moment nor the naturalized players without the guarantee of regular training and matches can quickly bridge the huge gap between China and Asia’s top teams.We have to accept the fact that the national football team may be dormant for a long time, but the rise must be established in the right direction and path.The match against Vietnam on the first day of the Chinese New Year, please let the fans see progress.”Right now, the most important thing for China is to play well against Vietnam. As for the World Cup, forget it.This is not the first time that The Chinese men’s football team has disappointed the fans.Just, hope the national football players can play their own characteristics, the Chinese men’s bloody kick out, try their best, not zu, I am a fish, do not have to surrender in the face of a strong enemy has not opened.