Henan Ruzhou: Mulberry branches breed tricholoma tricholoma

2022-07-24 0 By

Farmer Zhao Zhitao (first from left) checks the growth of Tricholoma matsutake in xing Village of Jiaocun town, Ruzhou City, Central China’s Henan Province, March 28, 2019.It is reported that in order to strengthen the collective economy of the village and help farmers to increase income, last October, the village two committees used the silkworm planting gap period to develop mushroom cultivation, in the original 13 sericulture greenhouses introduced the red pine antler planting project.It is reported that the tricholoma here is based on mulberry branches to cultivate, a jin can be sold for 15 yuan or so, the market prospects are very good.(Written by Wu Gaihong, Ruzhou Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department)