Shaoyang Police: do practical things in good faith, to solve the problem

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Rednet moment January 25 news (correspondent Tang Yuxiao) the masses matter, no small matter.Shaoyang police deeply practice the spirit of important precepts, do our best to do practical things for the masses, solve problems, with the true feelings of kindness to build a harmonious relationship between the police and the people, in a warm heart rescue writing for the people.At 17:00 on January 17, Shaoyang Fast police no. 6 platform command center command said, near the Red Flag Road there is a little girl lost in need of help.After receiving the police, the police led the team to the scene quickly.When the police arrived at the scene, they found a two-year-old girl standing by the toll rail in the parking lot. No adult contact information was found on her body.”Children, don’t be afraid, the police uncle will help you find your mother!”In consideration of the cold weather, the team immediately took the little girl to the Red Flag police station to keep warm. Later, with the help of the police in the police station, they successfully contacted her mother, who expressed his gratitude to the police team after arriving at the scene.At 17:00 on January 21st, the Command center of Shaoyang Fast Police platform No.6 said that there was an old man in need of help near West Lake Road.After receiving the police, the police quickly led the team to the scene.It is understood that the old man was taking an electric wheelchair for a walk in the afternoon. On the way, the wheelchair could not start because of battery loss, and the warm-hearted people pushed it to a safe area and called the police for help.The police team considered the old man left foot injury mobility inconvenience, and no one at home to take care of, after contact with the old man’s residential community, it will be transferred to zhuangyuanzhou police station, by the police station to contact the old man’s family, the surrounding people see this scene for Shaoyang fast police service people’s behavior applauded.Fast police help lost child to find his family At 13:00 on January 22, Shaoyang fast police no. 3 platform command center command said, near xuefeng South Road there is a lost child in need of help.After receiving the police, the police rushed to the scene.After arriving at the scene, the police carefully asked the child related information, the child told the police he was from other places to Shaoyang relatives and aunt separated, and do not remember the aunt’s address.After understanding the situation, the police team led the child to search for inquiries in the vicinity. When passing through an alley, an anxious woman came to the child and said in a choked tone: “Finally found you, scared aunt.”After understanding, it turned out to be a child playing stolen out, because just came to my aunt’s house can not remember the address, after the child’s identification and repeated confirmation is the child’s relatives, the police handed over the child to the relatives back, the child’s relatives are very grateful for the police team’s warm help, repeatedly thanked the players.