I am on duty for Spring Festival!Open far railway police for passengers to escort

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During the Spring Festival, at the time of family reunion, all cadres and policemen of yunnan Kaiyuan Railway Public Security Office still stick to their posts and fulfill their duties, only for passengers to feel more safety and warmth on their way home.With their selfless dedication and dedication, they have created a different picture of the Spring Festival.To me to do with me, team cohesion force in order to ensure the absolute safety area during Spring Festival, the system of public security office strictly implement the highest level of service, party committee organized group lead by example, sat at the helm, rotating “, the “cadre shift, police authority department of grassroots police station” leadership in office, on-the-job police, emergency be prepared “, QuanChu thoughts, into a rope, gathering a force action,Firmly do “FESTIVAL I am on duty, to protect safety”, with practical actions for passengers safe travel escort.House home for everyone, all the police struggled to crucial work, the public security office of each station police station focused enroach on the vital interests of the masses, affect tourists travel security problems, car line comprehensive screening station is important part, to control station car one sequence, docking station inertia security problem such as soliciting, purify the tube station car security environment.At the same time, we will, in accordance with the law, urge the implementation of security inspection, fire safety and internal safety prevention responsibilities, and resolutely plug loopholes in management.All police stick to their posts, fighting line, with the interpretation of responsibility and responsibility, with practical action to protect the lights.Rush to the front to do in the front, the youth assault led the public security department youth police set up youth commandos, set up youth vanguard posts, solid carry out “I do practical things for the masses” theme practice activities, focus on solving the passengers “urgent, difficult, anxious, hope” problem.At the same time, it actively carries out legal publicity, assistance and other activities for the convenience of the people, and sends New Year’s greetings for the safe travel of passengers, faithfully implements the solemn commitment of the people’s public security bureau for the people, and shows the good image of the Open railway public security Bureau as being close to the people and loving the people.They are the most trusted “patron saint of peace” of the passengers, give up the time to reunite with their families, stick to each post, to meet emergencies and dangers, dare to go against the road, with practical actions to interpret the loyalty;They have no regrets, only for the decisive Battle of the Spring Festival transport, escort the Winter Olympics, protect peace!Yunnan net correspondent Xu Hong Photography report by Dewey