For all ages, Two color Mulberry Fruit: Classic Women’s Needle Short sleeve Pullover (with woven illustration)

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Mulberry really is a timeless classic, suitable for all ages.No matter which season can deduce a special beauty.”Double color mulberry fruit” thread: white part mercerized cotton 60g, blue part woven life brand wool store Yunqing mercerized flat belt no.15 glaze green 110g.Size: Chest 106 armpit bottom 27 back to bottom 47 collar to cuff 30 Work show: weaving description: weaving method: 1.Yukon part: 3.5m stitches, 250 stitches on the other line, hanging mark button, indicating the center point of the back piece.After 3 lines of light colored coil, follow the diagram completely, 43 lines of adult weave, finish the remaining 120 stitches.2. For the first lead back, mark the center of the mark, 30 stitches left and right, six stitches forward each time, six rows back and forth three times in total.3. Change 3.25 stitches of deep yarn-dyed next 3 rows and close the neckline of L COrd for 2 stitches.The white yukon is about 19cm long.4. Main body minute needle stem plus needle: remove the other thread, pick up 250 stitches to weave down, divided into 4 parts, 76 stitches for each front and back piece, 45 stitches for each sleeve, and 2 stitches for each of the four stems, namely:76+2+45+2+76+2+45+2=250, when adding needles, add two rows once, add on both sides of the stem. I use the method of adding needles in the first row, twisting on the left side of the second row, and twisting on the right side of the stem, so that there will be small holes, a little echo with the flower shape.I added 8 stitches, 2-8-N times, and I added 14 times, so I had 8 times 14 +250 =362 stitches.You can also add two more or less times according to your height, add the needle for the first time at the same time, for the second time to return.Or after the center of the piece of the mark buckle for the beginning, weaving through the front piece of the left diameter of 6 stitches, turn back, the branch to the front and then add 6 stitches, so five back and forth a total of 10 lines.The white part leads back 6 lines for 3 times and the blue part leads back 10 lines for 5 times, a total of 16 lines. Personally, I feel it is easier to wear this way.The data are for reference only.6. Part body and sleeves:The original 76 +28 stitches =104 stitches in the back piece, add 12 stitches around the armpit, circle the body altogether 104+12 +104 +12 + 4 stitches in the stem = 236 stitches, weave to the length you want, evenly reduce 10 stitches 226 stitches, change a smaller size knitting needle 8 lines up and down, close the edge.The original sleeve 45+28 + (12 +2) +2 (stem) = 89 stitches, about 12 stitches under the armpit, pick one more needle to prevent holes, weave a circle of more than 3 cm, evenly reduce 7 stitches and then 82 stitches, use three-stitch I I Cord to close the stitches.After a few lines of body loops, you can weave the sleeves first, then the body, and use up all the rest.In addition, there was a little thread left in the end, so I made a small bow brooch for fear of wasting it.Don’t in the desired position, can also be removed at any time, both decorative effect, but also can distinguish before and after, at a glance.Attached to the diagram, from love yunting, and a few process maps and hand-drawn back schematic diagram, novice sisters can see, master automatically skip it.Posting is not easy, passing sisters support, love you oh., the end, the author | smile hand made