P4 enhanced sab, two weapons dark change?There is also a non-emirate benefit

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Because shaman is very popular in TBC nostalgia at the present stage, the threshold of entry is much lower than other classes, gold league will also have additional shaman subsidies, so recently there are a lot of shaman trumpet players, want to enjoy this feeling of stars and stars, among the three talents of shaman, the enhancement of shaman playability is the highest.And it’s very easy to enhance sarong in a sparerib suit in P4.Recently an enhancement shaman players is drying out my ribs fittings, half of the items don’t need to take the gold, brush to brush the honor and the brand can come together and other main components through the floor to pick up some unwanted bulk, and eventually the whole body up and down together spend no more than 5000 g, the enhancement shaman weapon create some, of course, is a pair of S3 season one-handed axe,Getting to 1850 points in arena 5V5 is not that difficult, but it requires a teammate or some skill, and for a new level player who is playing augmented Sa for the first time, getting an S3 weapon in one move is not realistic.Enhancement, although the into this job is very easy, but somehow it takes two to make a decent purple weapons, for the first level and first contact the players of the shaman, karaoke zan has two can quickly of weapons, respectively evil shoe dropped the evil king and the tail of fools fall the beheading of axes and in most of the players the impression that the weapon is no one to waste,But it’s more than enough for a rib booster.In addition, these two weapons have been changed in P4. They were originally restricted to the main hand weapons, but now they are changed to single-hand weapons. If you add Karazhan to level 68, you can buy this weapon.In addition, the introduction of new brands in P4 and the lowering of the brand acquisition threshold can fill up the position of equipment to enhance the sa’s small body, such as the embrace of dory, the best cape of the full physics class, as well as 41 brands of bloodthirsty brooch, 20 brands of stone totem, just like the welfare of non-gamers.In THE TBC version, the powerful totem equipment is very limited. Most players used the star wind totem of Hero Magic Mausoleum old One before P4. However, due to the drop rate problem and the fact that they can only play once a day, many darkfaced enhanced Sa have not been able to spawn this totem.Exchange brand of gravel black enhancement shaman totem solved many face the problem of totem is available, and compare the stellar winds of 80 windfury totem imposed into, gravel totem 110 points comprehensive attack force into more excellent, although is a 50% chance to trigger, but in pve combat environment, gravel totem coverage is very considerable,Add to that purple quality and the fact that it’s easy to get started with, and it’s easy to see which side to choose.