What should be paid attention to when relatives get together for the Spring Festival?

2022-07-13 0 By

When relatives gather for the Spring Festival, those in a strong position must keep a low profile and show weakness.Don’t flaunt your money. If you do have money, say you don’t have much money. Even if your annual salary is high, say you make ends meet with a low salary.If you show off that you are rich, you will give relatives an invisible sense of pressure and make them uncomfortable.You’re either envied or asked to borrow money.If you don’t borrow, you’re giving your relatives a hard time, and you’ll be isolated from them.When relatives get together on holidays, when they are in a relatively strong position, they should keep a low profile, show weakness, do not steal the limelight, talk less and listen more, provide emotional value to others and give their sense of superiority to relatives.Don’t brag in front of relatives.Don’t be a snob. Don’t play favorites. Take care of the emotions of all, especially those of relatives who are relatively vulnerable.Do not differentiate, or you will become a disgusting snob!Welcome to pay attention to, leave a message to discuss, like, forward, collect!Thank you for your support!