Take it as a guide!Did not implement the “door three things”, the city of Kwai a supermarket was closed for rectification

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At present, the epidemic situation in China is grim and complex.Recently, Guicheng has been fully deployed to strengthen prevention and control work, but there are still some units, places do not pay enough attention to this, the implementation of measures is not in place.Many times not according to the requirements of the implementation of relevant measures xixi community a supermarket was closed for rectification on March 23, laurel city field supervision of law enforcement officers on the area of restaurants, supermarkets and other business places of the epidemic prevention work to implement the situation of random unannounced visits, a total of 31 unannounced visits of all kinds of business places.In the process of unannounced visits, I found that a supermarket on the second floor of Xia Jiao Market did not implement the “three things” — wearing masks, taking temperature, bright green code and travel code, and the work was a mere formality.The scene can see the supermarket door is not arranged staff on duty, the public can freely enter;In the supermarket, several people were shopping without masks.Laurel city field supervises place to order its to stop business immediately to rectify immediately, and on the spot criticizes education to this enterprise person in charge, publicizes epidemic prevention “enter the door three things”, guides its to implement each epidemic prevention measure.Investigations after the operation, guangxi city field supervision by law enforcement personnel put forward the related content, to the various enterprises WeChat group, to remind enterprise to take, must strictly carry out the temperature measurement, check code, wearing a mask and so on epidemic prevention and control work, strict enforcement of epidemic prevention and control measures, effectively hold tighter, scrutiny to fully protect the people’s life safety and body health.At around 10 am on March 24, at the main entrance of jijia Square shopping mall in the eastern community, we can see that some citizens entered the shopping mall without wearing masks, without showing yuekang code and travel card, and the temperature was measured by themselves.In accordance with the requirements of epidemic prevention, shopping malls, supermarkets and other places set up epidemic prevention guard must have personnel on duty, and to strictly implement the “door three things”, it is obvious that the main entrance of the square these epidemic prevention measures are not implemented in place.At the side gate of the square, the message “This gate is closed, please go to the main gate” was posted, but it was open as usual and unattended, not to speak of the “three things to enter”, so people could enter and leave freely, which did not meet the requirements of the epidemic prevention work.In yi east market, the public even after the epidemic guard also need not measure the temperature, bright code, epidemic guard virtually empty.It is learnt that some time ago, the relevant authorities inspected these units and sites, found loopholes in the epidemic prevention and control work, and demanded rectification, only to “look back” and find the problems still exist.Going forward, relevant authorities will take multiple measures to implement precise supervision and urge all business entities to strictly implement epidemic prevention and control measures.Everyone is the first person responsible for his or her own health. Citizens are urged to take good personal protection, cooperate with the implementation of epidemic prevention and control measures, wear masks, take their temperature, show their health code and travel card, and jointly build a solid defense line against the epidemic.Source: Wonderful City of Laurel