“Poetry appreciation” stars bright light, spring to the depth.The red lotus is all over the city

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Li Zhizheng [Song Dynasty] The stars are bright and light, the depth of spring.The red lotus is all over the city.Forbidden street fun, dark dust incense face.The bright moon is near and far.Half of the sky, light dynamic fenglou two views.East wind static, bead curtain does not roll.Jade will return, strings will be heard outside the clouds.Recognize the shadow of the palace.On the night of the Lantern Festival, when the moon is full, the light from the stars looks dim by comparison.Spring has just arrived, the spring is not very strong, suddenly shallow and deep, mixed with a bit of cold.People went to the street to see the lights, bustling, dust billowing, but also mixed with the ladies of the blue musk deer fragrance, coming.Look up to see a bright moon, no matter where people go, it will follow.The emperor visited and sat in the royal palace watching the lamp.The emperor came out of the main gate and felt very pleased to see such beautiful lanterns.The emperor sat in the sedan chair, no wind blowing at this time, the bead curtain in front of the sedan chair does not roll up.The emperor will return to the palace after viewing the lamp, and the orchestra upstairs is playing the orchestra, as if from outside the clouds, extraordinary music.Officials followed the emperor to his home, and they wore palace flowers on their hats. Under the lights of the Lantern Festival, the flowers would rotate.Annotation the bright moon comes after everyone: li Chizheng’s first tune, the name of the card is taken from the poem “the night of the 15th day of the first lunar month” by Su Wei.Star River: The Milky Way.Red lotus: refers to the lamp tied in the shape of a lotus.Forbidden street: refers to the streets of the capital.Dark dust fragrance stroke face: this sentence is derived from su flavor poem and Zhou Bangyan’s ci.Ao (AO) Mountain: a Lantern Festival lantern scene.This kind of lamp is tens of thousands of colored lights, stacked into a big mountain like the legendary giant turtle (” sky half “to describe its high), also called” shanpeng “” mining mountain”.Fenglou two views: refers to xuande Lou building, which is the main gate of the palace.The appreciation words are written from far and near, starting with the sky and the seasons.”The stars and rivers are bright and clear”, the first sentence is about the night sky, the next sentence is about the seasons.On the night of shangyuan, the moon is full, so the “star River” (Milky Way) appears bright and pale.Although spring at this time, but lingering cold, from time to time, so the spring suddenly deep and shallow.These two sentences write the natural seasonal characteristics of the Yuan Evening.The word “red lotus” is transformed into the word “lamp”. The word “open” is born from the lotus itself. The two meanings of flower and lamp are related.”Forbidden street fun” two sentences, write the city lamp watchers, the scene of the lively.Yuan snack night, people almost all went to the streets, to enjoy the fun, so that get dust billow;And the ladies of the blue musk deer fragrance, but from time to time into the nose, make people drunk.The sentence “dark dust fragrance strikes my face” is derived from Su’s poem and Zhou Bangyan’s poem.Su taste “fifteenth night of the first month” poem cloud: “dark dust with the horse, the moon to come.”Zhou Bangyan “Interpretation flower · Shangyuan” word cloud: “shadow uneven, full road fragrance musk deer.”The author mixes the meaning of Su Shi and Zhou Ci into one sentence, which increases the capacity of the sentence, but also weakens the sound and smooth meaning of the word.”The bright moon follows people near and far” sentence, namely from su’s poem “the bright moon comes one by one”.At this time, the author moved his eyes to the sky, only to see a bright moon, like an affectionate companion, “with people near and far”.The bright moon follows the person this kind of phenomenon, ordinary person also feels somewhat, but classics author infuses subjective feeling, adorn with the pen of new qiao, see uncommon.When Su Dongpo read this sentence, he once said: “What a bright moon follows others near and far!”I guess I just like the way it’s written.It and the sentence “dark dust incense stroke face” combined, write both the world and the beauty of heaven night yuan.The last piece with this sentence, so that the word environment has to expand, contrast, is a successful stroke.The next piece and a transfer of the lively Lantern Festival.The ink focuses on the king’s tour.”Sky half aoshan” three sentences, purist wrote the emperor sat royal upstairs to see the lamp.For example, “Tokyo Dream Hua Xun” contained: “Before the great inner since the winter solstice, Kaifeng house tied mountain shed, standing wood is facing Xuande Building.”Tokyo Meng Hualu” “da Nei” one cloud: “Da nei main gate Xuande Lou five doors, the door are gold nail zhu paint, wall between brick and stone, the shape of the building feng fei cloud, carve meng Painting building, high corner layer lio;Covered with glazed tiles, curved tiled buildings, and zhu railing and painted sills, the following two que pavilions face each other with Zhu Hongfan.”The emperor sat upstairs to see, aoshan tens of millions of lights, bright brilliant, so that he felt very pleasing to the eye, so said “light dynamic phoenix floor two views.”The Emperors of the Song Dynasty generally hung curtains to watch the lights, such as “Tokyo Dream Hualu” and said: “Xuande Building, yellow curtains are hanging, one of them is the throne.With yellow luo set up a color shed, the royal dragon straight yellow cover palm fan, lined up outside the curtain.””The east wind is quiet, the curtain does not roll” sentence, said is this situation.And with the “east wind static” three words, then the realm of natural and human integration is fully reflected.”Jade chariot will return” three sentences, write the emperor to the palace.”Tokyo Dream Hualu” also said: “To the three drums, upstairs with a small red yarn lamp ball edge rope into the air, everyone knows to drive back inside.Meanwhile, upstairs, the orchestra blasted out its orchestra.The roar of music seemed to come from beyond the clouds.This is what it means to say, “When jade is coming, and strings are heard from beyond the clouds.””Recognize gong Hua Ying zhuan”, this sentence means that the officials followed the emperor back.Just as “Tokyo Dream Hualu” “driving back to the guard” section said: “driving back to the royal wrapped cap, zashi horse, before and after from the driving officials, a hundred master of ceremonies horse, you give flowers.”From these records, it can be seen that when the emperor returned to the palace, his officials wore palace flowers on their hats, so the flowers would rotate under the light of the lantern.It is very vivid to write courtier to follow him back.The wind continued to the Southern Song Dynasty.Since ancient times, Lantern Festival has been an important part of the Lantern Festival.The author feelings gentle, yuanxiao will be spectacular.Change numerous for brief, see grand from subtle place.Write star river, write lotus lamp, write forbidden street, write dust, write bright moon: just some common things, but write cyanogen smoke, quite have lasting appeal.Li Chengzheng, styled Ji Bing, was born in Putian (today’s Fujian Province).Young and uncles of the generation of Master Li famous, size li.Zhenghe five years (1115) Jinshi, calendar known Deqing, Nanjian, Chaoyang.Deeds see Puyang Literature Biography volume 15.Wu Zeng “Nengchangzhai Ramble” volume 16: “Yuefu has the phrase” The Bright moon comes to everyone “, Li Taishi wrote the score, Li Zhizheng made the word.Holding zheng also made “full moon”, especially popular.In recent times, I thought he was the king’s commander, not also.”Save two words.This article is reproduced in the network, if there is any infringement please contact delete “contemporary poets and lyric works compilation” long-term call for contributions

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