Music talent Pu Shu: life is strange, only actress wife Wu Minfei can endure him

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Click to follow, every day there are celebrity stories touched you!Pu Shu and Wu Minfei Pu Shu is recognized as a musical talent and a rare versatile singer-songwriter. His songs such as “Born like Summer Flowers”, “Birch Forest”, “Those Flowers”, “Ordinary Road”, “She was Sleeping”, “Train To Winter” and “On the Field of Hope” have been widely sung.In particular, the Love song “White Birch Forest” with Russian style still has a high number of hits on the Internet.Piao Shu introverted, melancholy, shy, wife Wu Minfei is a well-known actress, two people married for many years still did not conceive a baby.Pu Shu life is strange, only Wu Minfei can endure him…Pu Shu (original name Pu Shu) was born in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province in 1973, the son of two senior intellectuals.When Pu shu was 3 years old, his parents were transferred to Peking University to teach, and his family moved to Beijing.Pu Shu pu Shu family Photo Pu Shu had a brother named Pu Shi, 6 years older than him.Pu’s father pu Zuyin, born in Shanghai in 1937, is an expert in magnetospheric physics and space plasma physics. He is also an academician of the International Academy of Astronautics and a doctoral supervisor at Peking University.Pu shu’s mother, Liu Ping, also a professor at Peking University, was China’s first generation of computer engineers.Pu Shu has been melancholy and introverted since childhood, blushing when talking.When he was in primary school, he was a good boy and a striker of the Haidian District youth football team.His parents hoped that Pu Shu would study hard and not let him take the road of football.When he graduated from primary school, he scored 173 points in two subjects and was rejected by the high school affiliated to Peking University.The school’s admission threshold was 173.5 points, and Pu missed it by half a point.Pu and his wife campaigned for Pu to go to school for more than a month. Pu also failed to be admitted to the Affiliated High School of Peking University. As a result, pu was assigned to the No. 2 Affiliated High School of Peking University.Pu Shu and brother Pushi in the North Weiming lake Pu Shu and parents Pu Shu self-esteem, when he served as monitor.As soon as he behaved badly, the teacher in charge from normal university would criticize him.As a result, Pu Shu resigned as monitor, there was a rebellious psychology.He became more silent, sensitive, introverted, and kept to himself with his schoolbag.Pu Shi, then a student at Xi ‘an Jiaotong University, gave Pu a guitar.The guitar became Pu shu’s closest partner, he often holding the guitar sitting on the roadside since playing and singing.Pu Shi is xi ‘an Jiaotong University student band leader, he found that his brother only practiced for half a year, the guitar level is better than him.Pu Shu wanted to buy a piano in his senior year of high school, but his parents refused for fear of affecting his studies.At this time pushi university graduated back to Beijing work, he bought a piano to Pu Shu.Young Pu Shu In 1993, Pu Shu was admitted to the Foreign Languages Department of Beijing Normal University.College life was very different from Pu Shu’s imagination. He was increasingly unhappy and often stayed at home listening to songs and writing songs until late at night.In 1995, Pu shu asked his parents to quit school.The parents, looking at their son’s sad eyes and wasted face, agreed.After dropping out of school, Pu shu has a weird hairstyle and runs around carrying a guitar all day.Pu’s parents and colleagues got together. The other party said whose child had gone abroad and whose child had taken the entrance examination for graduate school. Pu’s parents thought of Pu shu and felt very uncomfortable.In 1996, Pu signed a contract with Wheat Field Music In Beijing.In the same year he wrote, composed and sang “Train For Winter”, which was widely acclaimed.Pu Shu and Ye Bei are colleagues, he is melancholy, sensitive, often give rise to a few weird, unrealistic ideas in the brain.Outsiders feel incomprehensible, but Ye Bei and her colleagues understand Pu Shu and think this is the quality of genius.2000 CCTV Spring Festival Gala In 1999, Pu Shu released his first solo album, I go to the Year 2000.The album contains 10 songs including “On the Field of Hope,” “Those Flowers” and “Birch Forest.”The album was a huge hit.In February 2000, Pu appeared on the CCTV Spring Festival Gala, singing his masterpiece “White Birch Forest”, which became a national sensation.With the brilliant career, Pu Shu ushered in love.In the summer of 2000, he starred in the movie If There is No Love, in which he and famous actress Zhou Xun played a couple who fell in love with each other.In 2001, they played a couple again in the film “When Flowers Bloom”, and their love finally broke through.Pu Shu, who is 1.81 meters tall, handsome and talented, fulfilled Zhou xun’s fantasy of a boyfriend.However, he is melancholy, introverted and lacks interest in life.The relationship lasted less than a year before they broke up.That fall, Pu attended a friend’s birthday party and met Wu Minfei (original name Wu Xiaomin, Wu Daining).She was born in Shanghai in 1981, eight years younger than Pu shu.Minfei wu recently graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy’s acting department and moved to Beijing.At the party, friends were talking in twos and threes, only Pu Shu took a cup of coffee, sitting alone.He wore a black windbreaker and his long hair fell over his eyes.I do not know why, Wu Minfei’s heart has a trace of inexplicable pain.Wu Minfei coincidence is that Pu Shu and Wu Minfei signed in Beijing with the same brokerage company, since then because of the relationship between the work, two people have contact.Association, Wu Minfei found pu Shu although melancholy, looks some high cold, in fact, his heart is very simple, but also some shy.Pu Shu’s personality and musical talent attracted Wu Minfei, she took the initiative to approach Pu Shu.Meet Pu Shu in a bad mood, Wu Minfei will accompany him from the starting point of the subway to sit to the end, and from the end to sit to the starting point, two people gradually fell in love.People around wu Minfei advised: “Pu Shu handsome and talented, but his character a lot of girls can not accept, are you sure you will not regret it?””I think Pu shu has a good personality,” wu said with a smile.Pu Shu and Wang Luodan at that time Pu Shu career is hot, go out to perform, income can buy a house in Beijing Tongzhou district.The company gave him a lot of gigs, but he didn’t take them, so his boss and agent jumped up and down.Many actors take pride in participating in the gala and go out of their way to show their face.Spring Festival gala staff issued an invitation to Pu Shu, he does not like too lively occasions, politely declined.Pu Shu’s unsociable character is hard for ordinary people to accept.But Wu Minfei can contain Pu Shu, she felt pu Shu’s bones have passion for life, just want to live according to their own will.They fell in love for nearly 3 years, Pu Shu has not proposed to Wu Minfei.In December 2004, Wu minfei’s agent got married. She took the opportunity to press Pu Shu to get married, saying, “Let’s get married too.Pu Shu said, “Then get married.”Wu Minfei on January 5, 2005, they received their marriage certificate in Beijing.Marriage is the biggest thing in life, Wu Minfei wants to do a grand wedding, Pu Shu does not like lively, think the wedding is too cumbersome, do not plan to do the wedding.Ms. Wu respected him.Shortly after their marriage, Pu shu suffered a relapse of depression, and while recovering at home, he wrote songs and occasionally went out to perform.Wu minfei is guarding Pu Shu at home when she is not filming.In 2006, Pu felt that living in the city was too noisy and asked to move to the suburbs.Wu minfei likes lively, many friends live in the city, living in the city life is convenient.But to take care of Pu shu’s mood, they sold their apartment in Beijing’s Haidian district and moved to an old villa in the remote Shunyi district.Many people are afraid of depression, they asked Wu Minfei: “Pu Shu’s depression terrible?”Pu shu and Wu Minfei said: “Depression is not a fatal disease. People in many industries suffer from depression to varying degrees due to high pressure.I think it’s ok to let Pu shu be calm and live his life the way he likes.”To make Pu happy, Wu respects his lifestyle.When Pu Shu writes songs at home, he likes to shut himself in a room and see no one. He worries that he will neglect his wife.Therefore, Pu Shu said to Wu Minfei: “I can’t talk to you during this period of writing songs, you go to live outside for a while.”Ms. Wu agreed, sometimes returning to her parents’ home in Shanghai and staying in hotels, leaving room for Mr. Pu to write songs.Pu Shu will not take care of himself, Wu Minfei will call him every day to remind him to take medicine, call the restaurant near home Pu Shu order.Until Pu Shu finished writing the song, Wu Minfei went home to live.Sometimes Pu Shu stayed at home for a long time and wanted to travel, and Wu Minfei wanted to accompany him.Pu Shu disagreed: “don’t hold you up, I still go alone.”Piao Shu Piao Shu alone carrying a bag, xinjiang, Tibet, Yunnan and other places to see the scenery.He rarely called Ms. Wu on the way, so she called her husband to remind him of precautions.Pu Shu a long time does not answer a word, Wu Minfei asks him: “why do you keep silent?”Pu Shu said: “I like to hear you talk, I miss you.”Her husband had never said such a passionate thing to her, and she was in tears.She knows pu Shu’s mood is getting better day by day, the passion of life is aroused slowly.042011, When Wu Minfei turned 30, she had the idea of having a baby.Pu Shu specially looked up information on the Internet, and learned that depression exists in the phenomenon of family aggregation, the closer the blood relationship, the probability of the disease will be higher.He was worried about depression affecting his second generation and wanted to postpone having a baby for a few years.Wu Minfei has regrets, but still respected her husband.Wu Minfei “No More Confused journey” still photos Wu Minfei appearance level acting is good, good personality, in the entertainment circle is very popular.Over the years she starred in “invincible,” “never look back” the crystal of love, “peach blossom bright” “the wallet report” the next station is happiness “so much jiao” “the secret” the dart line all this life owe you a hug, “a husband and wife” the western yunnan 1944 “pioneer characteristic” sharp arrows action “and so on a series of film and television works, become a actress, loved by the audience.In the spring of 2013, Wu minfei was filming in other places, and many of her colleagues’ families came to visit her. Someone asked Wu: “Why didn’t Pu Shu come?””Park is writing songs at home and can’t get away,” Wu answered.Wu Minfei took two days back to Beijing to see Pu Shu.Pu Shu accepted luyu interview many people puzzled: “How can Wu Minfei so indulge Pu Shu?””I love Pu Shu. I can tolerate everything about him. Everyone has their own way of life and no one is perfect,” wu said.Yes, if for other women, perhaps early from pu Shu side fled, only Wu Minfei can tolerate Pu Shu.After years of intervention and adjustment, Pu shu recovered from depression in the spring of 2014.Soon, at Han’s invitation, Pu wrote and sang the theme song ordinary Road for his film The Continent.Under the imperceptible influence of Wu Minfei, Pu Shu has changed a lot: he cut long hair for many years, replaced by a relaxed short hair, people also appear young spirit.He also became less cold to people and had a zest for life.When Zhou got married in July 2014, Pu sent his best wishes on his micro blog.Pu Shu and Guitarist Cheng Xin On November 7, 2015, Pu Shu held a solo concert in Nanjing. Wu Minfei went to see her husband.Because a few days later is Pu Shu’s 42nd birthday, Wu Minfei brought a birthday cake.In front of the audience and media, Pu gave Wu a big hug and said, “I love you.”Ms. Wu’s eyes filled with tears.In the life of honed, Pu Shu is becoming more and more mature, but also more and more men’s responsibility.Soon, Pu Shu band guitarist Cheng Xin was diagnosed with advanced pancreatic cancer.Knowing that his life limit is only two months, but Pu Shu still do not give up, taking Cheng Xin to seek medical treatment everywhere.He spent all his savings for more than two years and took on performances to treat Cheng Xin.But Cheng xin died two months later.Pu Shu experiences this matter, Pu Shu feels the impermanence of life and fragility, also cherish life and wife more.He learned to be considerate of Wu Minfei and cooked rice porridge for his wife at home.Wu Minfei work late, Pu Shu will go to pick her up.In 2017, Pu released his new album Orion and held a singing club in Shanghai, which caused a huge sensation.”I have a band to raise and a family to support. It’s impossible for me to have a long life,” Pu said in an interview, smelling of fireworks.Since 2018, Pu shu has been active in the music industry.He not only participated in the reality shows “Extraordinary Originality second season”, “Crossover singer King third season”, but also for “Big Three”, “Blue sky yesterday”, “ordinary Sherlock” and other films singing theme songs or episodes.Pu Shu attends Beijing SATELLITE TV’s New Year’s Eve party on Dec 25, 2021.Pu Shu, 48, is a little gray-haired, but still tall and his voice seductive.The change of her husband made Wu minfei feel happy and gratified.However, Pu is still afraid to have a baby, fearing that years of medication will affect the development of the fetus.Wu Minfei understands her husband, silently waiting for the best pregnancy opportunity!Pu Shu is a famous singer who is a maverick. He is melancholy, introverted and cold.In the common imagination, Hackberry tree is hard to change.Wu Minfei pu Shu and Wu Minfei but there is a beautiful woman named Wu Minfei, with love, tolerance, tolerance and tenderness, like water scour stones, to create a new Pu Shu.Wu Minfei not only helped Pu Shu get rid of depression, but also ignited his passion for life, so that Pu Shu became a real grounding, a good man with responsibility.That’s the power of true love.Love can destroy or change everything.I wish pu Shu and Wu Minfei this pair of loving couples who have experienced the wind and rain of life, have their own baby as soon as possible!-END- original is not easy, please click like attention!