I send you my most beautiful poem

2022-07-13 0 By

I listened quietly to the familiar song and felt the familiar situation.I like a person quietly listening to music, in the silent night, a person quietly miss my long-lost youth feelings.I like a person, imagine her good, that is a kind of mood?I think of such a figure, so warm.I can’t forget you, your figure, your smile, everything about you, is so clear.Your beauty, your sadness, your gentle exhort, are my eternal expectation in the heart, your heart is so beautiful, everything about you in that moment into my mind, your smile so that my heart ups and downs.I want to think of you with a romantic feelings, your meticulous I can feel, those beautiful thoughts, hanging in your dream, every moment want to touch your strings, every time want to put your heart, swaying for you.At that time, I put my nib kiss on your lips, love your lips, kiss into my eyes.There is a love in my love called ecstasy, like an angel guarding in your dream, my beauty is printed in your heart, I give you the most beautiful poems, the most happy things are in my heart, you are my beautiful poems.Original article, pictures from the network, if there is infringement, contact deletion, daily update, I hope you pay more attention to