Ambassador Sun Bigan in my eyes

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Biography: Sun Bigan graduated from Beijing Foreign Studies University in 1965 and joined the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.After 1990, he successively served as Chinese ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Iraq and Iran.In 2003, he became the head of the Chinese Embassy in Iraq restoration Team.From April 2006 to April 2009, he served as China’s Special Envoy on the Middle East issue.At 10 o ‘clock this morning, the farewell hall of babaoshan Revolutionary Cemetery was very quiet.When we bowed to the portrait of Ambassador Sun Bigan, we felt very sad to say goodbye to him.Over the past few days, since the tragic death of Ambassador Sun Bigan, whom I knew and admired, I have read many articles in tribute to him.As I read these articles, my nose was sore and my eyes blurred with tears. I couldn’t help writing down what I knew about Ambassador Sun to express my deep sorrow and memory.Ambassador Sun is worthy of the title of “moving Chinese people”.From what I have seen, he has created perhaps the four unique diplomats of China, and probably of the world, so far.On July 19, 2003, a team led by Sun Bigan (first left, front) inspected the damaged embassy.First, he served two Tours to Iraq, as ambassador and as head of the reconstruction team.Second, he was appointed to take on the task of rebuilding the Embassy even after his retirement.There are plenty of senior diplomats who are still engaged in diplomatic work after retirement, but he has never been in charge of building an embassy in Iraq, a war-torn country where he worked as an ambassador.The third is his “triple retirement”.Shortly after returning to China for “retirement”, Ambassador Sun was appointed as a special envoy on the Middle East issue.The Middle East is a whirlpool of international politics.In Iraq, security guards escorted Ambassador Sun on official business.Fourth, he became China’s first ambassador with bodyguards.The Chinese embassy in Iraq is the first in the history of the People’s Republic of China to be equipped with Chinese armed police.A retired man in his sixties, alone, out there risking his life at any moment, shouldering such a heavy responsibility!On January 15, 2009, Sun Bigan, China’s Special Envoy to the Middle East, paid a successful visit to Palestine.I admire Ambassador Sun for his courage in harm’s way, his loyalty to his country, and his selfless dedication. I also admire ambassador Sun as a senior, highly qualified and capable diplomat, but he does not make much of himself.He is usually quiet but approachable.He was simple and upright, modest and prudent, generous to others and strict with himself.I worked under him for about two years, and I never felt fear of him, but I did feel very guilty.I was in charge of protocol for the ambassador.All invitations and incoming letters go through my hands first. I put them in order and present them to the ambassador for approval in due course.Arrange the schedule of activities according to the instructions of the ambassador, and submit the schedule to the ambassador every week for reference.One of the foreign affairs activities is to attend the National Day reception hosted by embassies. Invitations to such large events are usually sent two weeks to more than a month in advance.On one rare occasion, an embassy invitation arrived nearly two months early, and I took it for granted without checking the month.As you can imagine, I sent the Ambassador and his wife on a trip for nothing that night.How could the ambassador and his wife face the surprise of others in a quiet place where there was no activity at all?When the ambassador and his wife returned to the embassy, an old comrade saw me and called me in to tell me that I had made a mistake in my schedule.The Ambassador and his wife sat there saying nothing. It might have been better for them to criticize me, but they didn’t.This made me even more ashamed, guilty, self-reproached, shameless, except to apologize to the Ambassador and his wife, I sobbed sadly in the helpless.Then the ambassador said, “It’s not your fault.”The ambassador simply said that, but I have every confidence that he was telling the truth.Being considerate and generous to subordinates has always been one of Ambassador Sun’s personal virtues.On July 9, 2004, Chinese Ambassador Sun Bigan (center in the front row) took a group photo with the staff and security personnel of the Chinese Embassy in Iraq.In the whispers of those of us who are subordinates, Ambassador Sun is a good “waiting on” boss.The word “wait on” here has many meanings, such as the boss is not arrogant, kind, good contact, good cooperation, good communication and so on.Ambassador Sun was even more unfussy in his life.He often worked overtime at night to review documents, and the distance between the embassy and the ambassador’s residence and the severe traffic congestion in Tehran made it impossible to return home after dinner. Besides, the work of the embassy was often very time-sensitive, and the time difference at home and abroad made it difficult to meet the deadline.When his colleagues in the embassy saw how hard the ambassador worked, they sometimes brought him some of their own dinner.My family lives next door to the embassy. Once I heard that the ambassador was working overtime again. My family had already finished dinner, so I hurriedly made a quick meal for the ambassador and sent it to his office.To be honest, I was embarrassed to give the ambassador enough food to satisfy his hunger, so I apologized a little.The ambassador said, “It’s delicious. I never feel bad about anything. There’s nothing I don’t like.”Later, the Ambassador’s wife spoke in such a way.Ambassador Sun Bigan is not an ordinary modest man.He is fluent in Arabic and collaborated with his colleagues in early translation.He has been working in Arab countries before, and his outstanding work ability is fully recognized by leaders and peers.But after taking a post in Iran, he often said modestly, “I have been here for a long time, but I still don’t understand Iran.”In the work, he respects the cadres who understand the local language very much, and follows the correct opinions of his subordinates as if they were good, never using their brains to maintain their authority skillfully.All the more so because of this.Ambassador Sun was 67 when he finally retired for good.It is a great pity that for most of the years after retirement his health deteriorated.As a senior diplomat who contributed so much, he was not able to enjoy a normal quality of retirement.Mediocre as we are, retired to a healthy, carefree, painless life.In the face of Ambassador Sun’s departure, MY heart filled with a variety of inexplicable sadness.Ambassador Sun Bigan’s 80 years old is not very old today. Many older ambassadors are still active in academic circles, on TV and radio, and have written books.Ambassador Sun, on the other hand, is confined to his home by illness, which may make him less known to the public.How much valuable experience, knowledge and extraordinary stories, along with his good qualities, have gone with him, and we will never dig them out again.Writing so far, my nose is stimulating my tear ducts again.Ambassador Sun’s spirit, his attitude to work, and his personality will always be an example for us to follow.Wish Ambassador Sun a good journey.We will miss him.– the END — the author | kapok picture editing | | network propylite diplomat said