“Win glory for our country, win glory for Yunnan”

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Four primary school students from Kunming, Yunnan province, won two gold MEDALS at the 2021 World Youth Skipping Championships (online) announced by the International Jumping Federation (ISF).Win honor for our yunnan “2021 world (online) what is a rope skipping championships together with you to see what is the difficulty that the tail king event scale 2021 world rope skipping championships (online) by IJRU (international federation of jumping rope) hosted the first world rope skipping championships, an international open, the world championships, the world youth championship,It is the highest level and most influential international rope skipping competition.Due to the impact of the global epidemic, the competition was held in the form of online video competition.After layers of selection, China’s national jumping team sent 127 athletes to compete in 14 events except five-person interactive rope pattern and interactive rope pattern.In terms of project Settings,In competition set single roll jump, 3 minutes and 30 seconds jump jump, personal pattern, three consecutive wave, interactive rope speed, 2 * 1 * 60 seconds for 30 seconds double wave relay 4 * 30 seconds single rope relay relay, 4 * 30 seconds interaction, two people synchronization pattern, four synchronization pattern, three interactive rope figure, interactive rope tricks for four or five people interaction rope designs, two people dancing the wheel design,There are 16 interactive rope speed and interactive rope pattern competitions.The 4 primary school students who won the prize all came from Kunming Xinying No. 2 Primary School.They won 2 gold MEDALS in two wheel jumps (women’s group) and two wheel jumps (mixed group) respectively, winning glory for the country and achieving proud results!How difficult is the event they are competing in?You may not know how difficult it is to open the screen, but after watching the video, I feel overwhelmed. This level of complexity is more than I can learn in my life.Without further ado, the graph above proves that.As complicated as this is, the rope might get tangled when I start to jump.Let’s give them a round of applause again for their tireless efforts.Perspiration and never giving up have resulted in one minute on stage and ten years off stage.It took a lot of time and hard work for four elementary school students to win the prize.Qian Jinju, deputy director of education affairs at Kunming Xinying No.2 Primary School, said students arrive at school at 7:50 am every day, but they have already started training at 7:20 am.When it is time for recess exercise, other students are doing it.Under the guidance of their teacher, they went to the school gate to continue their skipping practice.After school, when the rest of the students go home, they have to stay and train for another hour.Day after day, year after year, under their unremitting efforts, they have achieved such good results today.Won’t they flinch when they’re so tired of training?Liu Ting said that she herself might not be able to hold on or be too tired to rest.Their peers and teachers encourage them to keep going.The experience of winning the award made her realize that no matter what difficult things she encountered in the future, she could hold on.Ding jingbo said, “I hope more students and children can join us to exercise and build up their bodies.”Future phase can you let the people of the world see China youth rope jumping athletes of teenagers go want the future to continue to work hard on the spring city evening news – opening the news content integration from the national council of rope skipping, kunming panlong welcomed a new second primary school, yunnan radio and television, such as weibo comments editor Troup proofreading liu self-study editor Wang yunwu statement:This article is reproduced for the purpose of conveying more information.If the source is wrong or violated your legitimate rights and interests, please contact the author with proof of ownership, we will promptly correct, delete, thank you.Email address: newmedia@xxcb.cn