Forgetting a painful past is the beginning of pain

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Some say the past is too bad to bear in mind. Forget it.But forgetting the past is where the pain begins.Because there is no greater betrayal than forgetting your past.What was the past?It is the sum of the things that make up our lives now.We exist because of the books we read, the people we see, the events we experience, and who we are.So to forget the past is to deny the present.To forget the past is to burn our Bridges.To sum up, the past has three dimensions: first, the past is the sum of life, the background of life;Second, the past is the root of life, and once the root is removed, there is no source of life.Third, the past is the location of life.Because people are the product of relationships, and relationships are presented in time and space, and the past is to give life a direction in the dimension of time, and point to the future.If the past is absent, what is the future?So, a nation or an individual with a history can last.At the same time, to destroy a nation, a person, the best way is to deny his history.This is why we criticize historical nihilism.Still, many people hate the past.They felt the pain was the result of an unhappy childhood.However, without an unhappy childhood, one would not be superior to others in self-reflection, because the consciousness of self-reflection comes from an unhappy childhood.When God closes a door, he also opens a window. Where the window is is the result of our subjective creation.Therefore, everything has two sides and many angles.Beware of people who live in a single mindset or perspective.God has given us everything without distinction, so why should we treat ourselves differently?To be confident and secure, one must learn to be grateful for the past, because the past has shaped us and created us.Then again, if you don’t like who you are, what do you want?Would you like to exchange your life with Li Ka-shing?A lot of people are happy to do that.But think about it: what’s the point of being a billionaire but 90 years old and unable to eat, drink and be merry?Kahliman said that we all have the misconception of clarity, that is, we tend to only look at the good points of others, but not the whole of them. Of course, it is impossible to know all about them.Whether in fact or philosophy, when a person has a bright spot, the talent behind it must be a weakness in other ways.(Philosophically, two opposing sides unite and push each other forward, giving birth to life.)When I see a girl with delicate makeup, she has the love of beauty behind her, but the love of beauty will also bring: it takes two hours to get up in the morning, it takes no time to do dishes or laundry…Beauty is alluring, but it also brings its own set of problems.When we stand at a distance, we see bright lights. When we get closer, we see shadows behind us.Unfortunately, most people see only the bright, desirable side of the gift, but not its dark, boring side.There is no such thing as a one-sided perfect person.(See “Why should we seek pleasure if pleasure and pain are equal?”The human heart is endless, gave beauty, but also want to wisdom;Give wisdom, but also happy;Give happiness…Endless sex, of course, just because of the heart, let us begin the endless pursuit, life to unfold, but we want to see this uplifting endless sexual (see the meaning of “sex”) was born in the top of the hill or mountain, the pursuit of life is a process, and the process is the moment of every second, every now of oneself.The root of happiness is to love yourself as you are. This attitude of accepting yourself as you are is the root of happiness, not how you are.I’ve seen wonderful people, beautiful and intelligent, who still can’t face their past.In a sense, our pain may be caused by our ignorant parents, but isn’t our present excellence also caused by such parents?(Then again, people are subjective and free will, and if you don’t allow others to make you miserable, who will? That’s because there’s no fully unlocked mental block.)What is a good life? A good life is a life that weaves its own meaning and insists on going on.The past is a fact, but it is entirely up to us to interpret it. It can be changed at any time.This is the subjective imagination of thinking, once you change your mind, psychological problems will be solved immediately.(See the Curse of The Mind:Why a child more than our happiness) what is the objective form of history, we are hard to describe, once to describe, you need a language, a position, once the language, have the subjective logic, once the position, history becomes a subjective creation, therefore, our history and is described by any negative automatic thinking,It is better to be interpreted positively, constructively and consciously.The essence of visible history is a little girl who is dressed up by the smaller self, by the larger self, by the negative self, or even by others…It’s not as good as being dressed up by the ego, the positive me.For example, the philosopher points out that the hypothesis of a brother and sister traveling shows that morality is the product of thought, and that human beings have also happened to show that thought is the product of subjective change.Have you noticed a phenomenon, children’s psychological problems are generally less, that is because the childhood “ego” is still growing.Once the “ego” is mature, it is also the time when the mind is mature and stable and fixed. It is not only easy to think more, but also easy to force obsession, which causes trouble.Growing up, the ego competes and collides with each other, leading to inevitable setbacks and failures. The ego, as the maker of problems, does not blame itself, of course, but history, the past that cannot defend itself, or ignorant parents.The ego’s negative preferences lead to a cascade of kick cat effects.Interpretation of history: 1. Misjudgment: cultural values distort history.We are upset now because we place past events in the context of present values, making us feel like they shouldn’t have happened in the first place.People are dissatisfied with history because they were hurt, but the injury was not necessarily unreasonable at that time. The fact that it had happened is the most reasonable.Man is a combination of nature and culture. Nature alone is a beast, while culture alone is a god.At the same time, however, humanity’s naturalness has grown slowly, but its cultural values have soared.You suffer because it is not in line with current cultural values. From ancient times to modern times, for example, parents curse their children, it is also the result of stage development.We cannot deny the limitations of the past cultural values by taking the current mainstream values.Our pain is to criticize the reasonable facts under the values of the time with the cultural values of the time, and thus feel that we are greatly wronged.This, we are not as good as their parents, they also accept our upbringing environment, still filial piety to their parents, but we can not do.The fact that people have naturally happened, and that values are not accepted in the present, creates inner conflict.Therefore, taking what was allowed to happen in the past and applying it to the present values is the source of pain.Culture is always in the process of growth, but we should not take the culture we grew up to slap historical facts, just like we should not disregard our childhood playing with mud.History has a developmental nature, and the past events have stages, rationality and value significance at the time. They are the ladder of historical progress. We should learn to look at history from the perspective of history.2. Script reading: A way to relive the past.In the face of pain, we should not deny history outwards, just as we should not deny mistakes, let alone attack ourselves inwards.We can choose the third way: The Heavy Work, which reinterprets the past from a new perspective and weaves it into the script of the hero’s journey, thus changing the future.When I was a child, I did not have knowledge, cognition and psychological ability, but there would be no worries;Why do you grow up to be your own master, but enslaved by the ego, living in the “painful” past woven by your mind?As the ego grows, desire and laziness follow.However, the solution is very simple, that is to know the three, do the three no (see “The Underlying Logic of Breakthrough growth”).Destiny can be changed, but it needs to be changed on the basis of history. The connection between the present and the past history determines what kind of future there will be.It doesn’t matter what the past was, how to explain it, how to change it.The future can be changed because the past can be reinterpreted. Only the interpretation based on the past can have a beautiful future. Otherwise, there is no future without the past.So instead of denying history and rejecting the past, we should affirm the past and interpret it in a way that is conducive to our goals.Like, getting to the top of the mountain is our goal.After all the mistakes we’ve made, you want to deny them?To deny them is to retreat to the foot of the mountain and start again, so not to deny them, but to reinterpret them on their basis, such as what experiences, what lessons, what experiences these detours bring to us.In this way, detours (the past) are investments in the future, and that’s what the lesson is all about, in short, learning to use the power of the past to propel us into the future.3. It must be repaired in the relationship.Some people hate the past, and cut off relations with the past, that separate is no, just like Su Mingyu.But closed doors and open doors are essentially relationships, just two forms of relationships.Relationships always affect you, even when the enemy dies, the power of invisible relationships always works without confrontation.It manifests itself all the time, subconsciously, in other forms.The solution must be tied to the bell, life must be redeemed in the relationship after all.Instead of avoiding the past and problems, it is better to face, solve and accept the past, and take the initiative to change cognition and relationship with actions. Otherwise, the pain will never be overcome.Some, like Kevin Rudd, make a fortune out of the past.Some people live in the past in disaster.So life in the past, whether rich or poor, is wealth, has meaning, poverty brings change, wealth brings freedom.Poverty is often hated because it is the nature of the ego to enjoy being rich, but only poverty can promote rational and spiritual development.For the future, do things according to conscience, even if there is conflict, even if there is punishment, even if there is danger, because this is life, and only in this process can life’s mission be realized.Family, spouse, enemy, job, conflict are all the wealth of life. From the perspective of life to death, with love, mission and values, life is more dramatic and more wonderful.Therefore, to be pain-free, the first is to surpass the natural human nature, and the second is to surpass the current values. Of course, you have to play limited games before you can surpass them.To be grateful to everyone who has come through our lives, because they have helped make us who we are, so we can’t deny them, reject them, knock them down, but affirm them, love them.The past is the nutrient of the growth of the soul, to grow as the goal to absorb and transform them, pain is the biggest nuclear energy in our life, people are difficult to give their own pain, so others give you pain can cause deep thinking and action.All right, the past is the truth. Surrender and you’re free.Author: Wu Shuang, master of “Bodhi Kingdom”, thinker of life