From “Aviation Dream” to “Winter Olympics Feeling” Aviation industry focuses on science and technology, building dream ice and snow

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Pure ice and snow, passionate event.After more than 6 years of preparation, we have finally entered the countdown to the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games. With the opening ceremony approaching and the launch of various test events, the aviation people and the Organizing committee of the Winter Olympic Games are also engaged in the all-out sprint stage of the preparatory work.The construction of scientific research and training wind tunnel for ski jumping, the systematic power cable supply of the national Speed Skating Hall “ice Ribbon”, the engineering consultation of the National Ski jumping Center “Snow ruyi”, the survey of the Yanchong Expressway, the supervision of the skating rink of the Capital Gymnasium, the construction of the competition area and the air guarantee of the competition…Major requirements for the Beijing Olympics and the winter paralympic games, the same infrastructure planning and building, a series of “games” of science and technology achievements to realize the transformation and application demonstration, as military industry, aviation industry leading enterprise, national science and technology with a positive attitude and frontier science and technology power to create top event, meet new historic moment with the people of the world.Scientific and technological innovation is the bright background of preparations for the Winter Olympics.Centering on the eight aspects of “zero-emission energy supply, green travel, 5G sharing, smart watching, sports technology, clean environment, safe hosting and international cooperation”, the Science and technology Winter Olympics reflects the style of the development of The Times.In terms of venue construction, venue operation, transportation and logistics, the aviation industry has actively promoted the development of green and low-carbon technologies and the construction of the best quality and efficient infrastructure, so as to help achieve the goal of hosting a green and low-carbon Winter Olympics with aviation science and technology.The “Ice Ribbon” is the only newly built ice competition venue of the games, and also the landmark venue of the main competition area of Beijing 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics.The construction of the venue requires the selection of cable materials and physical and electrical properties.In particular, fire prevention and flame retardant performance indicators, the requirements reached the “harsh degree”.It is this “rigor” that makes POU Sheng stand out in such a large international competition.Article 22 “ice ribbon” internal integration the night view lighting system, and access to the 36 department nearly 100000 real-time data, the equivalent of “ice ribbon super brain”, cable from the power cables, electrical equipment, intelligent cable to form a complete set of services and special fire retardant cable series and accessories products, “-” systematic supply “has become the key aviation service games.Involving 12 Olympic venue construction projects, worth nearly 300 million yuan of wire and cable products and systems, from the three conference venues and supporting services, to the low carbon green new energy delivery, and then to focus on supporting railway was well versed in, bao sheng product aviation industry cluster, let “aviation manufacturing” jing is colourful winter games each big construction site.Yanzhonghao Expressway is a key project for the construction of the transportation support system for the 2022 Winter Olympic Games. The main highway, with a total length of 114.752 kilometers, will ensure the rapid transfer between the two Olympic sports areas.Since 2018, the Aviation Industry Investigation Institute has undertaken the investigation of the 03 contract section of Yanzhonggao Expressway.The project is located in songshan National Forest Nature Reserve, with high mountains and deep valleys, dangerous terrain, dense trees and cold weather, making the construction conditions extremely difficult.The project team of the Investigation Institute overcame numerous difficulties, studied the drilling wall protection technology of different mud ratios, innovated geological survey work methods, successfully completed the investigation tasks in the relevant areas, and ensured the smooth opening of yanchong Expressway in early 2020.”Get through the traffic arteries” is only the initial link in the infrastructure, aviation industry investigation institute in Yanqing Olympic Games in charge of comprehensive pipe gallery measurement construction is known as the “lifeline” through the competition area.Located at the foot of Haituoshan in Yanqing District, Beijing, this comprehensive pipe gallery, with a total length of 7.5 kilometers and a vertical elevation difference of more than 500 meters, is the channel for snow making, domestic water, electricity and telecommunications in Yanqing Area during the Winter Olympics. It is the first comprehensive pipe gallery built in mountain tunnel in China.During the Winter Olympics, snow making water, domestic water, reclaimed water, electricity, telecommunications and TV relay signals will be injected into the competition area.The “Olympic passion” of aviation people begins with responsibility and contributes Chinese wisdom in innovation.I still remember that on October 24 last year, the short track Speed Skating World Cup China leg of the 2021-2022 season and the short track speed skating test event of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games came to a perfect conclusion in the Capital Gymnasium.On this day, China showed the world the “most beautiful ice”, and also the “fastest ice”.The “most beautiful and whitest ice” is the Rink of The Capital Gymnasium, where the first carbon dioxide transcritical directly cooled ice surface of the Beijing 2022 Winter Olympics will be created.During the more than 1,000 days and nights when THE supervision of the capital Stadium reconstruction and expansion project of 2022 Winter Olympics was undertaken by THE Supervision department of China Aviation Industry (AVIC), the supervision department strictly controlled the quality, safety, progress and investment of the project and earnestly performed the supervision duties, reducing the construction period by 4 months and achieving the goal of zero safety accidents and zero quality accidents.With the dedicated attitude of aviation personnel, the Capital Stadium will become a high-quality project of the 2022 Winter Olympic Games.In the construction of venues, “full of science and technology” to the national Ski Jumping Center, it is the Zhangjiakou Beijing Winter Olympic Games competition area of the largest amount of engineering, the highest technical difficulty of the competition venue.The name xue Ruyi comes from the circular top of the platform, the alignment of the track profile and the bottom stand, which perfectly blends with the S-shaped curve of the traditional Chinese mascot Ruyi.It is the first ski jumping venue in the world to have a large cantilever structure at the top of the starting area.With a diameter of nearly 80 meters, the huge, semi-suspended circular structure weighs as much as you can imagine.Aviation industry planning is entrusted by the Architectural Design Institute of Tsinghua University to carry out the whole process of technical consultation on the overall construction of “Xueruyi”.The technical consulting team, led by Ge Jiaqi, a national survey and design master and chief expert in aviation industry planning, relies on key technologies such as prestressed large-span steel structure to make this huge “head” firmly on the top of the mountain.At the same time, aviation Industry Pneumatic Institute uses the principle of aviation aerodynamics to create a special scientific research training wind tunnel for ski jumping national training team, which has become the first successful application of aviation aerodynamics technology in sports scientific training in China.In order to help the Winter Olympics, the Aviation Industry Pneumatic Institute designed and manufactured two kinds of wind tunnel, one is set in Hebei Laiyuan National Ski jumping training and research base, the wind tunnel is currently the largest in the world in the same kind of wind tunnel, the most precise wind speed control, the most comprehensive test function of ski jumping training facilities;The other is the mobile wind tunnel, which is being transported back and forth between several snow and ice sports bases in China since it was delivered and used in training with athletes in various places.Through wind tunnel training, ski jumping national training team recently created a new breakthrough, received a letter of thanks from the General Administration of Sport of China.As a key national project, the Site of the Winter Olympics is another “manufacturing arena”.Aviation technology, as “the flower of industrial civilization”, with the help of its high-precision “crossover”, solves the difficulties in the construction of the stadium one by one, highlights the distinctive characteristics of green and intelligent Hosting of the Olympics, and paints a new picture of high-quality development of China’s manufacturing industry.As a top international sports event, the Winter Olympic Games is a complex operation system. As COVID-19 continues to ravage the world, “security” has become the primary guarantee for a successful Winter Olympic Games.Around the food, engineering construction, operation support and other links of the Winter Olympics, the BoCOG has deployed a number of technical application research and development to support the safety of the Winter Olympics operation, and the aviation industry has also undertaken many important links.At the end of the year and the beginning of the year, three aircraft of Hebei General Aviation, a subsidiary of AVIC general Aviation co., LTD., undertook the flight support task of creating snow scenery of Beijing Winter Olympics.In December 2021, a total of 8 sorties were flown for 25 hours, successfully completing snow and snow accumulation in Zhangjiakou, Hebei province and other areas, creating a beautiful and spectacular snow landscape in the Winter Olympic Games area and creating favorable conditions for agricultural harvest in the region this year.Shipment 12 planes in zhangjiakou ningyuan airport on standby to carry out the artificial snow job in order to the smooth completion of the Beijing Olympics security task, the figure center hebei navigation and establish linkage mechanism, common organization held a special task will be to mobilize and decorate, and a flight crew and maintenance personnel for the targeted training and safe running.The crew members always stick to the front line and overcome difficulties such as night flight, ice removal and cloud penetrating under inclement weather conditions. With superb professional skills and rigorous working style, they have completed the task of supporting the Current Winter Olympics.On January 4, a support team composed of four professional technicians from the aviation industry arrived at the Zhangjiakou Competition area of Beijing Winter Olympic Games to carry out on-site support tasks.During the Winter Olympic Games, three domestic helicopters, including zhi8A, developed by aviation Industry helicopters, will perform security and aviation rescue missions in Zhangjiakou, completing patrol, wounded treatment and anti-terrorism missions to provide support until the closing of the Games.As a large helicopter independently developed by China, the ZH8 model as an air core shield is not only widely used, but also the technical personnel in the team have rich experience in technical support and breakthrough ability.In 2008, this model has opened up life channel for earthquake relief.In 2010, Zhi8 went to the sea and spent 192 days to hone the sword in Yading.In 2020, it sent out to help transfer medical supplies for epidemic prevention in Hubei, setting up an air lifeline.Since the implementation of the security mission of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games, the aviation industry air support team has carried out air patrol in the core area of Chongli Winter Olympic Games, forest fire prevention and fire suppression, security of the Winter Olympic Games and other aviation rescue missions, and successfully completed the fire suppression reinforcements in Handan and Shijiazhuang, thus supporting the backbone of the air shield for the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympic Games.In addition to the air escort events, the winter Olympic village is also busy in the security of the aviation people hard figure.Recently, AVIC Dabei Property officially settled in Beijing Yanqing Winter Olympic Village, responsible for the underground space of groups 1-6, public groups (south and north) and the protection of finished products of the energy center, fire water, fire electricity inspection, water and electricity inspection, cooperation and emergency repair, etc.Located in Zhangshanying Town, Yanqing, with a total floor area of 118,091 square meters, AVIC Dabei Property Sent more than 50 project inspectors, product protection officers, customer service specialists, and service specialists to help the Organizing Committee of the Winter Olympics complete various tasks with high quality under the premise of ensuring epidemic prevention and control.From venue construction to training and preparation, from aerial patrol to ground support, the People-oriented concept runs through the footprints of the Winter Olympics, and details of scientific and technological innovation can be seen everywhere.Looking back on the “road of the Winter Olympics”, they always have a mission in mind, with high attitude and superb technology to empower the Beijing Winter Olympics, witness the feeling of serving the country with project quality, contribute aviation power to this top ice and snow festival, and provide stronger support for the high-quality development of China’s competitive sports and ice and snow industry.(CAAC Correspondent Wu Qiong)