Open in March!The quarantine has been reduced to three days and the prime minister will announce entry rules

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The yomiuri Shimbun said Japan will adjust the quarantine period and relax the maximum number of people allowed into the country each day.Quarantine for Coming To Japan According to current information, quarantine for coming to Japan will be reduced from seven days to three days.In particular, travelers from countries with high risk of infection are required to be quarantined at designated facilities for seven days (82 countries or regions as of Thursday), and the quarantine period will be adjusted to three days for all other countries or regions.However, the quarantine period will be reduced to three days for those who have completed the third round of vaccination and come from high-risk countries or regions with negative nucleic acid test results.The maximum number of people entering Korea for a day will also be raised from 3,500 to 5,000 per day.In response, Seiji Kihara, Japan’s deputy Chief Cabinet secretary, said in a Fuji TV program on Wednesday that it is feasible to raise the maximum number of daily arrivals to 5,000 from the current 3,500.”We will discuss a practical mechanism,” said Kihara, adding that if the number of people increases from 5,000, the method of testing should be reconsidered.Follow new rules for Entry Procedures Procedures for entry are also simplified.Until the end of November last year, the entry of short-term tourists and students admitted by the Japanese government for business purposes was required to submit a plan of action to the competent authorities and undergo prior review.From March, all applications will be submitted to the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare without prior review.Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida will explain the detailed measures at a press conference on Monday.In addition, according to Phoenix Li Miao’s weibo, Japan’s Liberal Democratic Party has submitted a resolution, asking the government not to set an upper limit on the number of students allowed into The country, and to give priority to foreign students in easing entry restrictions.Since the outbreak of the epidemic, Japan’s entry policies have changed frequently. If the entry rules are released later, xiaobian will immediately follow them.