Online goods were abused happy online genuine shop apology

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On March 14, (Reporter Sun Qian) recently, Ms. Li in Qingdao consulted the customer service about earphones in taobao shop “Happy Online Shopping genuine shop”. When she mentioned that she was from Qingdao, the shop staff not only refused to sell, but also insulted her.Ms. Li expressed puzzlement.A staff member of the store, contacted by (0532-80889431), said he had apologized and reconciled with the employee, who was fined one month’s salary and suspended work.(Source: network) It is understood that Ms. Li in taobao shop “happy online shopping genuine store” with customer service consulting headphones, when the customer service staff asked Ms. Li’s delivery address.Ms. Li responded to Qingdao, the customer service personnel reply: “ha ha, wicked place, refuse to sell.”Ms. Li cross-examine the reason, found that the message has not been sent out, Ms. Li’s wangwang account has been pulled into the customer service blacklist.Xinxin learned that Li later posted screenshots of her conversation with the store’s customer service on a wechat group, where some friends said it was “regional blackmailing” and the store should apologize.(Source: Sun Qian, reporter of searched the store on Taobao platform and found that the store had removed all its products. A notice was found on the page, which read:Our shop sincerely apologizes to all Qingdao compatriots and friends, because the shop assistant involved received a customer in Qingdao before, was cheated 4000 yuan, so there is a personal attitude problem, I sincerely apologize to all friends in Qingdao.A staff member of the shop said the announcement was made on March 8. “We have apologized to the party concerned and reached a settlement with the party concerned on March 8.”The employee was fined one month’s salary and temporarily suspended from work, the staff told”Our store is also temporarily closed. We apologize to all Qingdao people.”Letter as a complainant contacted the complaints of taobao responsible for staff, he said, for businesses in the service of inappropriate, taobao will be appraised, taobao will be handled according to the actual situation of follow-up supervision, reduce the seller store ranking, baby, and prohibit sellers to participate in the activities of taobao’s official multidimensional punishment.At the same time, Taobao will also strengthen the management of merchants and improve their service quality.Statement: The copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through the mailbox, we will promptly deal with.Email address: