Ning YUAN: MAO Visited the frontline workers who are committed to epidemic prevention and control

2022-06-20 0 By

Rednet Moment News April 2 (Correspondent Ouyang Xing Liu Ying) On April 1, MAO Zheng, deputy Secretary of Ningyuan County Party Committee and head of Ningyuan County, visited the mobile service station for epidemic prevention and control at the security entrances and exits of The Erguang Expressway to offer milk, bread, instant noodles and other supplies to the frontline workers.County party committee standing committee, deputy county magistrate Hu Red light and related units in charge accompanied.Mao Zheng details about service point traffic capacity, inspection control, personnel on duty BeiQin, etc., and offered condolences to need a line personnel, made them do personal protection, pay attention to the mix, under the premise that ensure the safety of their own, in accordance with the “no leakage a car, without missing a person” principle, strictly implement the scrutiny yards, measures such as registration, nucleic acid detection,The first line of defense for epidemic prevention and control is firmly adhered to.Relevant departments should allocate their forces reasonably and do their best to create a good environment for frontline personnel on duty.