Growing together, Apple launches $50 million supplier employee development fund

2022-06-20 0 By

In late March, Apple announced the launch of a $50 million supplier employee development fund to give its employees more opportunities to learn and develop their skills.The fund will also include new and deeper partnerships with rights advocates, universities and nonprofits to continue Apple’s work to empower its supplier employees and promote understanding and respect for workplace rights across the industry.As part of the new $50 million commitment, and building on Apple’s long-standing commitment in this area, the company will work with its supplier partners to amplify workers’ voices.This includes supporting the ILO’s workers’ rights project in the electronics industry and iOM’s efforts to expand rights training and promote its industry-leading responsible Labour recruitment tool.”We put people first in everything we do.We are proud to announce a new commitment to accelerate progress and expand opportunities for employees in our supply chain.”Sarah Chandler, Apple’s senior director of environmental and Supply chain innovation, said, “Working with rights advocates and education leaders, we will continue to drive new innovations to support people and nature.””At IOM, we understand that supply chain responsibilities are complex and must be driven by innovation, results and collaboration.””Improving people’s lives must be at the heart of this effort,” said Amy Pope, IOM Deputy Director General for Management and Reform.The IOM/Apple partnership has already borne fruit in Apple’s own supply chain and blazed a trail for the rest of the industry to follow.To promote real change, we need global workers, ngos, governments and industry to work together.Apple’s new commitment will bring profound and measurable benefits to workers around the world.”Apple also released its 16th annual People and Environment in the Supply Chain Report, which provides a complete description of apple and its suppliers’ support for the company’s supply chain employees, transition to clean energy, and investments in cutting-edge technologies.In fact, Apple has been offering in-person and online education, skills training and intensive courses since 2008 to give supply chain employees the opportunity to master new technology and leadership skills.With the launch of the Supplier Employee Development Fund, Apple has significantly increased its commitment to these educational programs, bringing new educational resources to its supplier employees and surrounding communities to develop the skills necessary for today’s and tomorrow’s jobs.The new education initiative will offer training and courses to employees of suppliers worldwide, initially in the US, China, India and Vietnam.By the end of 2023, Apple expects more than 100,000 supplier employees to participate in new learning opportunities, including leadership training, technical certification, and courses in programming, robotics, and advanced manufacturing fundamentals, including green manufacturing.These new initiatives build on Apple’s longstanding commitment to invest in its supply chain employees to promote manufacturing best practices around the world.To date, Apple’s supplier employee education program has reached more than 5 million people.Under its supplier code of conduct, Apple requires all suppliers to provide employees with training on workplace rights.To date, more than 23 million people in Apple’s global supply chain have been trained on critical worker rights.Working with the INTERNATIONAL Organization for Migration and the International Labour Organization, two United Nations workers’ rights agencies, Apple will expand this work by creating new programs, training and worker feedback mechanisms to help ensure safe and respected working conditions for supply chain employees.As part of the new supplier employee development Fund, Apple will also announce a series of new partnerships with labor rights experts, organizations and United Nations agencies, as well as deepening existing ones.These include a new collaboration with the International Labour Organization to promote basic Labour rights in the electronics supply chain.Launch new initiatives to implement an industry-leading digital worker rights training program across Apple’s supply chain.Deepen cooperation with IOM and promote responsible recruitment kit developed by Apple with iOM support in Apple supply chain.The toolkit will soon be open source for enterprises across the industry.Develop a communication platform to raise awareness of existing independent worker hotlines to help supplier employees share feedback or voice concerns about the workplace.