DNF: “Wage dragon” is born!Not only do you get to play for free, but you get paid

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If I ask you: Can the Dragon suit mix?The answer may vary, with some players embracing dragons and others not.But if I ask everyone: Dragon suit not only mix, you also have to give him money, do you want to?You might look at this question like an idiot, but the answer is actually more surprising than you think.What is a Wage dragon?Wage dragon refers to a wage dragon whose status is similar to salary C and salary milk. You have to team up with him and pay him extra.Perhaps the biggest question here is: where is virtue?Dragon set is originally positioned as auxiliary, daily play and even a lot of people do not like dragon, the result you are now dragon set should also collect wages, this is not sliding the world of great records?But since the “wage dragon” does exist, so there must be a reason for his existence, and this reason lies in the “golden group”!How does the dragon suit get paid?”Golden Group” we should have heard, take Ozma Golden Group as an example, generally need a strong team of 4 as the main output, the head of the money, will divide the wages to four players, and the general “team of 4” is composed of 3C+1 milk.If a wave charges $20 million, then if it’s split evenly between four players, each of them gets $5 million, so it makes sense to split the cost equally between C and milk.But if, let’s say, the “team of 4” is changed to 2C+1 milk +1 dragon, this configuration is not a small increase in damage, but the lack of a main output of money, the other three players can be more dividends?Obviously, dragon players will not be able to work for nothing, so they will be paid a nominal salary of 10-2 million yuan.So now ozma gold is often like this, dragon players as a salary of 1 million gold, the rest of the cost is divided between the other 3 players!Main output and milk dividends more, dragon set can not only aboveboard mix, but also can get wages, also said very happy, thus kill two birds with one stone, everyone is happy.In fact, in addition to the salary of 1 million, there will be a lot of money in the golden group of bosses, bidding dividends is also a large income, so the Dragon set mixed with a group, often can earn 3 or 4 million, for a supporting profession, it is not too beautiful.Wage Dragon also has disadvantages Since wage Dragon can mix and get paid, then all the dragon sets are going to play gold league, why play wild league?Change the point of view, even though “dragon” wages that dividends more, but the shortcomings are obvious: 1, the dragon position very few, can now in ozma alloy group of players is not much, and each group need only a dragon, a typical exceeds the demand, or is the dragon, small teams or they need to advance into the group, at the very least, etc. And a half hours.2, gold group efficiency is very low, whether the team, or brush map clearance, after all, there is only one main team, but also need to take the boss, a little attention and the risk of bombing, so the gold group takes a lot of time, usually much more than the regular group.That looks like this, “salary dragon” is equal to using time for salary, although such as dozen, also can share dividends, but spend time is also more, how to see everyone how to understand.For more dungeon guides, search the wechat public account “Allard Tavern” and send “professional name” to get the latest introduction.The “salary dragon” still sounds beautiful, but apparently, there’s no such thing as pie in the sky. It’s just a trade-off between higher pay and more time spent.Free players can try, and impatient players will be very agitated, such as people through the time, it is better to move bricks to touch gold storm.