At eight o ‘clock tonight, open jingdong shake, watch the Spring Festival Gala, points 1.5 billion red envelopes and good things

2022-06-18 0 By

The Spring Festival Gala is coming at 8:00 tonight. Are you ready to grab the red envelope?Jingdong has become the exclusive interactive partner of the China Media Group 2022 Spring Festival Gala to jointly bring you a grand online interactive event on a global scale.Users can book red envelopes for the Spring Festival Gala by searching for “The Beast of The Year” on’s APP.At 8 PM tonight, following the hints of the host of the gala, users can open the JINGdong APP “shake” and participate in the distribution of 1.5 billion red envelopes and good things.During the period, will give out 7 rounds of red envelopes and good things, including not only red envelopes, but also physical gifts such as mobile phones, TVS and cars.In addition, participants will have more chances to win the 2022 Spring Festival Gala co-branded gold Bowl set.(7861530).