A special thank-you note

2022-06-18 0 By

Health Committee of Zibo City received a special letter of thanks on February 17, 2022.The letter of thanks was sent by the Leading Group (headquarters) office of Zibo Municipal Committee of the CPC for coordinating epidemic Prevention and Control and Economic Operation. We thank the 27 comrades assigned to participate in the supervision work of normalizing epidemic prevention and control in Zibo city in 2021 for their hard work in epidemic prevention and control of Zibo city.Bi Qinghong and Gao Xiufeng from The Maternal and Child Health Hospital of Zibo city are among the staff members who have been commended for supervising the normalization of epidemic prevention and control.In January 2021, received in epidemic prevention and control command from the business backbone to participate in the city after the epidemic prevention and control supervision task instructions, school leadership attaches great importance to, human-resources actively coordinating, care, infection control department overcome departments difficult to give full support of human nervous, hospital successively send BiQingHong, Gao Xiufeng two comrades in zibo epidemic prevention and control routine supervision work.Two gay political thought firmly, rigorous style of work, the supervision of the carefully observe discipline, respect leadership, unites comrade, diligent, dedicated, hard-working, with highly responsible for spirit, stick to jobs, earnestly perform their duties, with strong comprehensive quality and ability, two comrades successively in teams to act as liaison and epidemic prevention and control specialists,Insist on open 24 hours a day communication, prevention and control information to the office, namely fully bear the city special supervision team and teams to all levels of the bridge of information transmission hub, scheduling issues the first docking disposal, ensure smooth channels and conveying, the key points of content is accurate, complete, timely implementation instructions convey whole process chain total factor error-free.The supervision work of epidemic prevention and control involves a wide range of areas, a large scale, multiple issues, detailed key points and heavy responsibilities, which requires the liaison personnel to have high quality in analysis, research and judgment, organization and coordination ability, execution ability, learning, innovation and cultivation, physical and mental maintenance and other aspects.In the whole process of the supervision work, the two comrades kept learning and recharged, grasped the latest policy requirements of epidemic prevention and control in time, and continued to improve the supervision ability. They worked closely with the members of the supervision group under the leadership of the group leader to visit designated hospitals, township health centers, communities, village homes, clinics and clinics.Check the key links in key places such as schools, supermarkets, passenger stations, and centralized quarantine points at home and abroad;Supervise novel Coronavirus vaccination, etc.BiQingHong, Gao Xiufeng two comrades in zibo women’s and children’s high sense of responsibility, dashing, rigorous practical, in the daily supervision and special supervision work, in-depth on the line, to discover problems, to find problems in the supervision report timely filing, timely feedback, supervise and urge reset, a complete and efficient completed the epidemic prevention and control to supervise the work task.Leaders of the Municipal Health Commission and the municipal Epidemic Prevention and control Headquarters highly praised the work of the two comrades and expressed special thanks to them for their positive contributions to the epidemic prevention and control work in Zibo city. Their hard work also won the honor for the hospital.