A 260-kilogram man in Changde was rescued after being hit by a car in a 4-meter-deep ditch on a winter night

2022-06-18 0 By

“119: hello!I am a villager of Dayang town of Hanshou county, JUST now I saw a person hit by a car into the highway side canal, the location is in dayang Town Longyang North Road and shuangqiao road intersection, please come quickly to save people!”At 20:09 on February 10, changde city fire rescue detachment command center received the masses for help.After receiving the alarm, the command center immediately dispatched han Shouchenyang fire rescue station to dispatch 1 rescue vehicle, 7 fire rescue personnel to the rescue.20:17, fire rescue personnel arrived at the scene, after investigation inquiry that: a man was behind the same direction of the vehicle knocked down, rolled to the roadside more than 4 meters deep ditch, the right leg injury lost consciousness.Out of instinct to save himself, the man clutched at the bottom of the ditch with both hands to keep from falling into the water.Due to her large body (she later introduced herself as weighing more than 260 jin), if she did not get help in time, she could fall into the icy water due to exhaustion at any time.According to the situation at the scene, commander Jiang Orange quickly issued instructions: the use of rescue tractor fixed one end of the rope, by the rescue experienced special duty squad leader Lu Zhongxiao with rope down rescue.In the process of sliding, because the slope is steep and wet, the trapped man is huge, Lu Zhongxiao took the trapped man under the armpit fixed rope, lifting and pushing on the back of the rescue method, the dam rescue workers at the same time using the rope force system to Lu Zhongxiao and the trapped man up traction.”One two three, one two three…”Lu Zhongxiao and the trapped man got closer and closer to the dam surface with the call of resultant traction. At 20:30, the trapped man was successfully rescued.According to the man’s account, he walked home alone after dinner at his mother-in-law’s house that night. When he reached the accident site, a car suddenly sped up behind him and injured his right leg. He lost his balance and rolled into a nearby ditch.”Fortunately, the firemen came to save me in time, when I was rescued, I could not hold on, as long as I let go, waiting for me is the cold water and rocks below!”The trapped man still shudders as he recalls the scene.At present, the rescued man is not serious, traffic police are investigating the vehicle.