This special activity of the SPP All-China Women’s Federation is aimed at women in need!

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Today, reporters learned from the Supreme People’s Procuratorate, the Supreme People’s Procuratorate and the All-China Women’s Federation recently issued notice, decided to march to the end of this year in “concerning difficulties women group, strengthen the special judicial relief” special activities, around the “difficult woman who eligible for aid, shall be timely aid support” this goal,We will strive to improve the social environment for women’s life and development.According to the circular, procuratorial organs should focus on five categories of women in need who meet the criteria for assistance. First, rural women should be monitored to prevent them from returning to poverty.Second, women who suffer from domestic violence, sexual assault, trafficking and other illegal and criminal acts;3. Women whose main labor force in their families died or lost their ability to work due to violations of laws or crimes, and who bear the duty of raising minor children and supporting the elderly;Fourth, women suffering from serious diseases or disabilities;Fifth, elderly women who have no support ability or no one to support.According to the notice, due to employment discrimination, sexual harassment in the workplace and other civil infringement cases may lead to a difficult life, difficult to solve through legal channels, and Sue divorce, family violence and difficulties of life, according to the actual situation that women in need of help, case is dealt with to the procuratorial organs can also women’s organizations to carry out the work of helping together.Notification requirements, in the process of special activities, procuratorial organs case-handling department must strengthen the sense of relief, comprehensive carding rescue clues, meet the conditions for the judicial relief difficult woman, shall immediately start the rescue work procedures, specify the prosecutors priority, actively assist women to submit the written application for relief, life difficult.If the rescued woman is raising a minor child, the judicial aid work shall be carried out simultaneously.The procuratorial organ shall, upon completion of the investigation, report back to the women’s federation on the handling of the case.In providing judicial assistance, women in need should respect their personal dignity, right of reputation and right to privacy, and avoid “secondary harm”.The notice stressed that procuratorial organs and women’s federations should establish a sense of special protection, and coordinate with relevant units to help women who still face difficulties after the implementation of judicial assistance according to the specific situation, with the help of professional forces, and provide assistance according to individual policies.A monthly consultation mechanism has been established, information on relief cases has been shared in a timely manner, prominent problems have been solved, relevant regional normative documents have been studied and issued, judicial relief case clues have been transferred and joint return visits have been further strengthened, and women’s legitimate rights and interests have been better protected through voluntary and active performance of duties in accordance with the law.Yan Jingjing, Gu Fangqing source: Supreme People’s Procuratorate