The youngest member is 15 years old. Everyone is a natural beauty girl

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South Korea JYP entertainment agency has always been known to create idols, such as we are very familiar with Zheng Zhixun Rain, these years of fire Kim Hyun a, even in the domestic reputation of huge good Wang Jier, are from JYP.JYP is a leader in the industry.Korea is hard to say about in other ways, but as far as the idol groups are concerned, they’ve got it all figured out.JYP group again this time, the operation can really let a person amazing, recently they launched a new female group “NMIXX”, known as all all-around.NMIXX has seven members, all of whom are born after 2000. The youngest one is only 15 years old. Each member is versatile.The most surprising thing is not their age, but JYP’s claim that these beautiful girls are all “natural”!After half a year of warm-up, Sullyoon in the group has a certain amount of heat, mainly because of the appearance level of people!Standard female group face, small head and face slightly narrow bones, big eyes and aura.Zha so look, and even Yang Chaoyue is somewhat similar, not as long as Yang Chaoyue has characteristics, but because of the better packaging, more delicate than Yang Chaoyue.The next beautiful girl named Lily is an Australian-Korean mixed race born in 2002. She is obviously a beautiful girl with thick face and profound facial features. She is the most recognizable girl in the group.Lily’s specialty is the Voice of Europe and America, so it is naturally the singing role of the group.The leader is Haewon, also 20 years old. This sister is very sweet, with a face of first love, and sings and dances well.Netizens are very impressed with Haewon’s strength, believing that he will be the best one in the group over time.As a contemporary girl group, someone must be responsible for the rap part, and Jinni is the one who takes the center stage.Jinni is a royal sister, hot body, and attractive.Bae was born in 2004. She is a natural idol. She looks like a royal sister, but her temperament is aggressive.Only 18 years old, Jiwoo is an all-rounder in the group, who can sing, dance and rap.She looks like she might be considering a career in acting.Finally, 15-year-old Kyujin, can you believe this is a beautiful 15-year-old girl?It’s too much for Korea to be an idol!JYP fans have never been disappointed in JYP, but it seems that JYP fans have never been disappointed in JYP.