Shandong winter Olympic Stadium construction, using our Shandong Guanxian high-tech!

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“The silver-gray roof is a 1:800 scale replica of the Winter Olympics’ national ice Sports training center.The outer plate of the center roof is the fluorocarbon aluminum magnesium manganese color coating board developed and produced by our enterprise, and the inner plate of the roof uses cold roof color coating board.”Song Zhangfeng, deputy general manager of Guanzhou Co., Ltd. in Guanxian County, Shandong Province, recently introduced that his company has provided 310 tons of high-heat reflective steel plates for the construction of the National Ice Training center and the National Speed Skating Stadium for the Winter Olympics.”The steel plate used for the Winter Olympics venues should have the characteristics of reducing building cooling energy consumption, environmental protection and durability.”Song Zhangfeng said, in the “Winter Olympics” stadium construction project, according to the requirements of the steel plate, shougang Research Institute, Akzononobel research and development team, coating layer coating of steel plate test, “after more than ten kinds of pigment test, the final determination of this cold roof coating production program.”It can enhance uv absorption and prevent rapid aging of the primer. The primer uses a resin with higher aging resistance and adhesion to ensure synergic protection of the primer and top coat, thus achieving longer durability and design life of more than 70 years.”Guo Litao, director of r&d center of Guanzhou Co., LTD., said that the inner plate cold roof series color coating has excellent anti-fading performance, anti-powder performance and gloss retention rate, and can reflect infrared heat energy.He said that the cooling energy consumption of buildings can be reduced by absorbing less heat energy and lower material temperature while the products can display color for a long time. In the actual test of the products, the sun reflection coefficient SRI reached above 87, which is more than 5℃ lower on average than the indoor environment of buildings without the use of cold roof products.”The national speed skating hall leveling layer used aluminum zinc plate coating weight reached 275g/ square meters, is the current domestic industrial production of the thickest coating weight, and has high thermal reflection efficiency, good heat resistance, long life characteristics, the life of the product is galvanized products 3-6 times.”Guo said.Shandong crown chau co., LTD. Is a manufacture, coating plate, caitu, high-performance rare earth permanent magnet materials, dust removal equipment of electric power and zinc alloy products development, production and management in a large modern enterprise, is individual champions, shandong manufacturing quality benchmarking enterprise, national guard contract, heavy credit enterprise, one of the two fine plate production base in shandong province,It is the production base with the largest single production capacity and complete varieties of coated plate in the industry. The export of colored coated plate products to Russia has ranked first in the country for 12 consecutive years.Products have been used in Beijing Daxing Airport, Qingdao Jiaozhou Bay International Airport, Henan Zhengxin Airport, Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center, Wuhan Huoshenshan (Leishenshan) hospital and other construction.The Saihanba National Ice Sports Training Center in Chengde, Hebei province is the first sub-plateau “four-in-one” complex in China that integrates speed skating, short track speed skating, figure skating and curling. It is the exclusive training ground for the Beijing Winter Olympics.The National Speed Skating Stadium, also known as the “Ice Ribbon”, is the landmark venue of the main competition area of the Beijing Winter Olympics and the only newly built ice competition venue. With the largest ice surface design in Asia, it can accommodate more than 2,000 people to carry out ice hockey, speed skating, figure skating, curling and other ice sports simultaneously.Editor: Sun Feifei more content please pay attention to the new Yellow River client.Search “New Yellow River” in app store, download and install.The new Yellow River flows with The Times!