The number of new cases per day in Changchun is still around 2,000, while that in Jilin has dropped significantly

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Changchun city and Jilin City are two key areas of the current COVID-19 outbreak in Jilin Province.At present, the number of newly infected people in Jilin has shown a significant downward trend, while the epidemic prevention situation in Changchun remains grim.According to the latest data released by the Health Commission of Jilin Province on The morning of April 8, from 0 to 24:00 on April 7, there were 617 new locally confirmed cases in Jilin Province, including 583 mild cases, 32 ordinary cases and 2 severe cases.Among them, 474 cases were reported in Changchun (including 61 asymptomatic cases turned into confirmed cases), 136 in Jilin, four in Baicheng, two in Baishan and one in Siping.On April 8, jilin province reported 1,649 new asymptomatic cases, including 1,553 in Changchun, 92 in Jilin, two in Baicheng, one in Siping and one in Baishan.According to the previous data, Changchun had 817 new local confirmed cases on April 5 and 766 on April 6.Jilin city reported 136 new local confirmed cases on Friday and 112 on Friday.The number of asymptomatic cases in Changchun is still hovering around 1,500, while the number of asymptomatic cases in Jilin fell below 100 yesterday.Overall, the daily number of new infections in Changchun is still around 2,000, while the number in Jilin has dropped to around 200.According to Jilin Daily, On the afternoon of April 7, Jing Junhai, secretary of the CPC Jilin Provincial Committee, visited Jiutai District of Changchun for the ninth time during the current epidemic period, inspected and instructed the prevention and control of the epidemic, prepared for spring farming, and visited the frontline military medical staff.He stressed the importance of implementing xi jinping’s important speech on epidemic prevention and control and food security, focusing on zero elimination and not slackening agricultural activities, and resolutely focusing on spring farming.On April 8, changchun municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection and Supervision publicly notified eight typical cases of ineffective performance of duties and violations of discipline in epidemic prevention and control work.Among them, Jiang Hongbo, deputy director of the Health Commission of Changchun, and Sun Lei, deputy director of the Medical Administration Department, were admonished for not working out their duties.On March 22, 39 positive COVID-19 patients were transferred from the quarantine point to a makeshift hospital. Due to poor communication between the Health commission of Changchun and the makeshift hospital, 29 of them were unable to be admitted to the hospital in time and had to wait for a long time, causing adverse effects.Jiang hongbo and Sun Lei were not admonished for their shortcomings.Tian Qing, a staff member of changchun Emergency Center, was punished with demerit recording and warning for improper on-site disposal and Zhai Xiuhong, the on-duty monitor of the dispatch Department, for ineffective command and dispatch.Zhang Ruizhong, director of the Changchun Emergency Center, was admonished for his duties of leadership.Responsible Editor: Jiang Chengrui Photo editor: Zhang Tongze