Shenzhen decoration: Tianjian Tianjiao, the model of modern light luxury wind

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Concise to young gens, easy is the first impression that greet.And warm, pleasant, full of life is the quality of life is their real demand.Guest restaurant to adopt integrated design, more spacious and transparent vision, increase the overall level of the space moving line sense, the restaurant followed the overall tone of the living room, seamless and do not lose personality, will tell the story of the designer at his ease with materials and colors to create space atmosphere.Visible is that continuously ethereal “fireworks”, a cup of hot tea, a light music, enjoy leisure time.Look from the layout of moving line of the kitchen, the ambry layout of U word is reasonable, wash cut fry mobile position is short, very convenient.Look on dimensional utilization rate, the ambry of U word upper part of every face can do ambry, dimensional utilization rate is higher.Steal a half day of leisure, enjoy a cup of good tea, read a good book, barefoot sitting on the tatami, natural and comfortable.What wooden color space place brings is empty and peaceful, those who let a person not consciously loosen body and mind.In the overflowing tea dense, the illusion of each other’s appearance, between one product and one eye, blooming with the light of harmony.The simple but elegant of whole space continues inside advocate bedroom, the soft assembly of metallic simple sense is acted the role of, add trifles light extravagant interest.Pure cotton simple bedding products, from the sense of touch to perceive the delicacy of daily life, adjustable auxiliary lighting, faint down, extreme, clean, comfortable, add a diffuse warmth.Open type cloakroom is connected fully, lightsome, already powerful fit demand, let not common taste again reveal quietly in meticulous division.Our heart, is to let you in every detail can feel the mind, very warm very warm.