Tighten the safety strings and build a strong firewall

2022-06-05 0 By

Safety is based on subtlety. Accidents arise from carelessness.In order to further strengthen the camp during the closed management team security, effectively enhancing the fire rescue personnel safety awareness and to eliminate all kinds of potential safety hazard in the bud, for days, baishan changbai mountain forest fire detachment pool for the southern district brigade organization closely hidden perils in safety work, build a closed management during the team safety defence.The brigade always insists on putting the team’s safety and stability in the first place. In order to achieve the goal of “comprehensive inspection, full coverage and thorough rectification”, it organizes the “dragnet” large-scale investigation.Strictly organize the security situation analysis meeting, organize all kinds of personnel at all levels of the brigade to strengthen the study of the security responsibility list, analyze and discuss the security situation of the team during the current closed management, analyze the current key investigation content, formulate the implementation plan, clarify the investigation focus, and specify the rectification time.Pay close attention to the implementation of links, resolutely remove hidden dangers combined with previous investigation experience, the investigation of the location of a fixed point, timing, appointment, in accordance with the principle of “easy to repeatedly check the problem parts, easy to be forgotten parts of the appointment”, designated responsible person,Use of fire control facilities, training equipment, new media, electric safety, gate control, personnel management, outside the canteen screening tool for key parts and so on, in the screening, brigade also focus on ideas of personnel, to ensure the problem can be found in time, accurately, properly handle, and take the initiative to understand the subordinate personnel’s family life,Adhere to the regular ideological work, psychological work and solving problems, take the initiative to help solve practical difficulties and problems, to ensure that the brigade’s safety work solid foundation.Pays attention to summarize the rectification, ensure the hidden danger zero potential for screening out the clear responsibility, on-site formulate corrective measures to limit the rectification time limit, do not flow form, do not go through the motions, ensure all kinds of hidden danger in time “zero”, and achieve “check hidden dangers, destroy the dead Angle, in addition to the blind area, promote safe” purpose, to ensure the safe hidden trouble elimination in the bud.Through the hidden perils in safety work to further strengthen the fire rescue workers started their conscientious grasp the concept of safety, enhance the fire rescue personnel safety consciousness, responsibility consciousness, in a timely manner to eliminate the safety hidden danger and accident, blocked the security vulnerabilities, gradually formed “everyone catch security, always want to secure all safe” good creates peacefully sussing out atmosphere.