Escape the ground, to the Nu River “moon landing” to see the canyon clouds billowing

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At the peak of 3300 meters in the middle of gaoligong Mountain, there is a huge natural hole formed by the dissolution of marble. The hole is 100 meters deep, 40 meters wide and 60 meters high.Starting from Liuku, the state capital of Nujiang, you can see this stone cave with locked clouds and sky for hundreds of miles along the nujiang River. It has a nice name — Stone Moon. It is one of the wonders of the Nujiang Grand Canyon.Overlooking from a distance, through the cave looked at the bright sky on the other side of the mountain, just like a bright moon hanging high in the mountains and mountains, integrated with heaven and earth, day and night.To the north of the cave, there was a huge white marble rock that reflected the sun and moon’s light into the cave, making the stone moon shine brightly.Some days “moon”, sometimes comparable to the moon, its extraordinary workmanship, the United States magnificent, breathtaking, local Lisu people called “Yahaba”, Chinese translated as “stone moon”.How did such a magnificent stone moon come into being?The moon Mountain where The Stone moon is located is at the junction of the Eurasian plate and the Indian plate. The strong geological attraction and the rapidly rising crust make up the unique geological wonders and beautiful natural scenery of the Nu River Gorge.Standing at the top of the marble rock after thousands of years or even hundreds of millions of years of structural changes and wind and rain erosion, the formation of the moon cave – stone moon.At present, the moon mountain has opened up an area of about 80 square kilometers of stone moon scenic spot, has found more than 30 scenic spots, in addition to the stone moon, there are chang ‘e Cave, wo Hu Peak, Shenwa Peak, Shenzhi peak, Wanzhang cliff, a line of sky and other scenic spots, climbing can view biluo snow mountain sunrise, Nujiang Grand Canyon vision and sea of clouds.The stone moon was surrounded by unfathomable cliffs, with three extremely old dead trees in front of it. In the distance, clouds and mist rose and he floated, like an ink painting that someone had painstakingly painted.The reason why it attracts people is not only its particularity as a natural wonder, but also the national culture endowed by it.For a long time, Lisu people regard Shiyue as a sacred object, and Fugong Lishhadi Township under the Shiyue is also recognized by Lisu people as the birthplace of Lisu culture, and is known as the “Sanjiang Holy Land, lisu source”.To important festivals, Lisu people will sing and dance around the stone moon stone in the scenic area, worship the moon, pray for god, through the holy stone to express their good wishes.Around the Spring Festival, Lisu people also carry out various ethnic cultural activities here.With its natural appeal, the stone moon makes everyone who sees it want to get close.However, with its steep peaks, rugged roads and changeable climate, it seems a place for the brave.With the gradual improvement of the scenic area’s infrastructure, “landing on the moon” is no longer the exclusive benefit of the brave.Tourists can climb the 13.4km hiking trail along the scenic spot to see the interesting streams and mountains, the rising of fog in the mountains, the rolling sea of clouds in the valley, and get a close understanding of the vicissitors of the mountain peak stone moon.Wenlvtoutiao Rong media reporter Liu Yajuan intern reporter Rao Yuelingwen Nujiangzhou Culture and Tourism Bureau map editor Gong Yidan Xie Tongxi review Qiu Zhongwen statement: the copyright of this article belongs to the original author, if there is a source error or infringement of your legitimate rights and interests, you can contact us through email, we will promptly deal with.Email address: