A 16-month-old girl drowned in a well covered only with plastic sheeting in Heilongjiang province

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On a road surface under construction in Zhaozhou County, Heilongjiang Province, there are no caps, no warning signs and only plastic sheets covering the wellhead.Such careless construction led to tragedy when a 16-month-old girl named Xiao Rui (not her real name) lost her footing and drowned while crossing the road with her nanny.In February 2022, it was learned from the court that jia, the person in charge of the construction party of this section, was sentenced to one year and three months for the crime of serious liability accident.At about 12 o ‘clock on the day of the incident, Zhaozhou County net Ya zhijie community owner Ren home hired housekeeper Li mou, led Ren 16 months old daughter Rui back to the net Ya zhijie community, passing by the new road surface in the residential area, was the property care personnel to prevent the new road surface through.Li walked on a springboard temporarily placed on the new road surface, and Rui walked on the new road surface, and Li held Rui’s hand.Small rui broke away from Li after the new road in the process of walking into the construction of the road surface of the well, after the rescue ineffective death.After identification, Small Rui conforms to drowned before death.Net ya horizon residential area new road surface for Zhaozhou County net Ya horizon property management Co., Ltd. contracted to jia mou construction project, the site water well did not cover, the construction site did not see warning signs and equipment, Wells only plastic cloth shelter, the person in charge of construction for Jia mou.After the accident responsibility identification, Jia is not qualified to engage in construction activities, the construction supervision is not in place, after the construction of the road surface of the well cover, did not take preventive measures, directly responsible for the accident.After the case, Jia was summoned to the case by the telephone of the public security organ.Property company and small rui parents reached a settlement agreement, pay small rui parents high-rise residential building and cash 40,000 yuan, small rui parents to the understanding of the property.Li mou and small rui parents reached a settlement agreement, Li mou one-time pay small rui parents compensation 70 thousand yuan, get understanding.Residents said they saw workers laying plastic sheets while paving the road in the courtyard of the building. The Wells in the compound were covered with plastic sheets, with no warning signs and no protective measures.A little after 12:00 on the day of the murder, a girl fell into a well in the neighborhood.”The well had no warning signs or protective measures because we had resurfaced the ground in the yard these days and there was a thin plastic sheet on top of the well, so you couldn’t tell it was a well.”A property staff member at the scene said that he was guarding the newly built road in the community to prevent pedestrians from stepping on it when a woman pushed a child through the north gate.”Let’s go to the 6th floor LouTou, I told her that the new road surface can’t walk, women carried down from the cart, the kid himself from a diving board, a child walking on the road to the development of new women to take the cart, 6 building unit the door this time children through the location of the Wells, women back signal let the child to come over, this time the child was gone, women crying out to save the child,I did not know that the child fell into the well until the property management staff also said that the cement pavement was covered with a layer of plastic film, so it could not be seen as a well from the outside. There were no warning signs around the well.Jia mou to the case after the confession said, net elegant horizon property manager Wang Mou long hired him to play cement road, he hired seven, eight people responsible for the cement road.”I have no construction qualification, and there is no construction agreement between me and the property management. When we finished the cement pavement, there was no safety sign at the wellhead. My workers laid plastic film on one part of the well and fastened the wellhead.And property manager Wang Mou long said, the person in charge of construction is Jia Mou.The construction unit shall be responsible for cleaning up and setting up safety warning measures after construction as orally agreed. No one else was present during the oral agreement. He arranged four cleaners and two security guards from the property management company to take care of the newly repaired road surface.On the day of the incident, he did not know whether there were any warning measures at the construction site. He used to build three layers of bricks around the wellhead and cover them with cement plates. At night, he connected the lights and hired temporary workers to take care of them.Zhaozhou county court first instance this case thinks, jia mou serves as the person in charge of construction party of cement road surface of clean elegant visual boundary small area, violate the regulation about safety management in operation, produce heavy casualty accident consequently, send a person to die, the circumstance is serious, its behavior already constituted crime of heavy responsibility accident.The court sentenced him to one year and three months in prison at first instance.Jia refused to appeal, said the victim has been understanding, request the court of second instance to its application of probation.Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, the court of the second instance, although Jia compensation for the victim’s close relatives loss, understanding, but not enough to its light punishment.The court’s final ruling: The appeal is dismissed and the original judgment upheld.