What exactly is a prank?In 1958, China fought against “gu Disease” record, Chairman MAO personally deployment

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Wei jin period, there was a case of a strange case, a man in the drink, twisted suddenly abdominal pain as the knife, straight spit out a dozen method of worm, man asked his wife before he died, want her to find someone to open his stomach to see symptoms, such as after death, his wife looked at already cut belly, found her husband only fragments of viscera, method of disease of visible.What is a gu? What is a gu?There is no real object handed down in history, people know gu, mostly by the last generation of mouth to mouth, or seen in historical documents.About method of today, we first thought might be scenic zone method.In fact, gu has also been popular in Zhejiang, Hunan, Jiangxi, Fujian, Guangdong and other places, the official history “Sui Shu geography” in particular named Jiangxi Yichun, raising the wind is particularly very.Method of variety is endless, ancient records of “method” is a chronic, periodic more poison, and contemporary film and television drama, “method” is also often appear.In Director Tsui Hark’s “Dee Renjie, the God of All Dragons”, young master Yuan Zhen in a legendary vendeuses, temperament changes greatly, originally gentle and elegant beautiful young man suddenly turned into a good bloodthirsty, violent and anxious, hateful face, long scales monster.Jin Yong wrote “swordsman” in, miao female blue phoenix refined the sentiment of a legendary legendary tortoise, can let a pair of men and women forever conjugal love.In “Dragon Eight”, The soul of A purple can remote control a person’s feelings and behavior, have to shock a powerful control.Of course, in the TV series or novels, there are exaggerations on different levels of the role of gu Poison, but it is undeniable that both the ancients and modern people have a deep fear of gu Poison.”Gu poison” is also called gu poison disease.The ancient text has a clear record of the specific venomous disease, got this kind of disease, mouth can not speak, hands and feet can not move, dizzy head, accompanied by vomiting and diarrhea symptoms, abdominal high, some ancient doctors named it “big belly disease”.Of course, from the point of view of modern science, “gu toxin” does not exist, and medical scientists believe it is only a disease.In journey to the West, Tang Priest drank water from zi mu River when he passed through the country of women. He was pregnant and wanted to have a child.Although this is an ancient fairy tale can not be taken seriously.However, in the 1950s, shortly after the founding of new China, our country did also happen similar to tang’s monk’s big belly.The disease develops slowly, with the body wasting away and feeling weak before the belly grows larger than a pregnant woman’s.As long as this disease, basically lost the ability to work, there are many people were taken away by this disease.At that time, there were more than 10 million schistosomiasis patients in China, including 1.5 million in Zhejiang province alone.In one village, the population had grown from 4,000 in 1850 to just two in 1949.02 open the true veil of a venomous insect disease people to this kind of disease do not know how to start at all, once got, can only wait for death.No sick people, but also every day paranoid, feeling that the next is their own.After liberation, because this matter involves people’s life safety, the government also attaches great importance to, established a disease investigation group, in-depth investigation of the people’s livelihood, medical scientists finally found that it was actually a kind of human parasite in trouble, and is not the so-called by a kind of prank.In fact, it’s called schistosomiasis, and it wasn’t just in the early days of the People’s Republic of China. It killed more than 300,000 people in Jiangxi province during the Republic of China.Suffering from schistosomiasis is like the legendary poison, so what is schistosomiasis?Schistosomiasis is a nasty and infectious haematological virus. Schistosomiasis has a specific host, snail, and the pathogen of schistosomiasis, schistosomiasis, has long existed in snail.Snail is a stable host, its complex structure is a natural barrier for schistosomiasis, there are stable external hosts, schistosomiasis is difficult to be killed by high or low temperature, and there are more waters in the south, which is very conducive to the reproduction and survival of schistosomiasis.Snails generally live in grassy beaches, ponds, ditches and other waters without clear water sources. In such polluted waters, schistosomiasis carriers can easily enter animals or human bodies and cause infection.In addition, the faeces of infected organisms excrete larvae of the parasite, which, when exposed to water, develop into large numbers and continue to harm humans and animals.Schistosoma is so terrible, how can it enter the human body?When the larvae of schistosoma worms swim through the water, they also search for parasites, which can enter the body through the broken skin of people doing farm work, swimming or fishing.After cercariae enter the human body, they will quickly lose their tail and develop into child worms. The child worms in the human body will look for various opportunities to enter the blood vessels and lymph, and some even enter the heart and lungs. They wander around in the human body, and the human body becomes their paradise.Once there is a foreign body into the human body, the whole body immune system will be disorders, followed by a variety of diseases, the body resistance is greatly reduced, there will be a withered situation.So why the pregnancy-like symptoms?This is mainly due to schistosomiasis into the liver of the human body, the liver is seriously damaged, liver function failure, resulting in abdominal water, that is, the image of a pregnant woman’s big belly.In 1950, the Central Ministry of Health of the Communist Party of China (CPC) launched a nationwide survey of blood-sucking insect diseases. The results were gruesome: the number of people infected with blood-sucking insect diseases was as high as 8 million in more than ten provinces in southern China, and the number of people infected in the affected areas was more than 80 million.New China had only 500 million people, and the disease was terrifying.When Chairman MAO heard that vampire worm disease had become a serious national disease, he personally went south to investigate the situation of the people. Along the way along the river, he saw many old, weak, sick and young people with big bellies who could not move, and felt deeply distressed.In the same year, Chairman MAO personally sat in Hangzhou and held a central conference, and proposed that “schistosomiasis must be eradicated, and the prevention and control of schistosomiasis must mobilize the masses, which is a real mass revolution”.After the Hangzhou Central Conference, the government established a schistosomiasis prevention and control group, formulated the overall plan for schistosomiasis eradication, and determined the specific implementation of the action plan.In January 1956, the National People’s Congress adopted the resolution of the Outline for National Agricultural Development (Draft), which decided to advance the planning period for the elimination of hematophagosis from 15 years to 7 years.After the resolution was passed, the CPC Central Committee immediately organized the Ministry of Health to send schistosomiasis experts and members of the political work organization to mobilize the masses of people in the south, combined with the existing health management methods, and put forward three major control measures: eliminating the disease, improving the environment and popularizing drugs.04 people’s power is a great countermeasure, a dozen provinces in the south have entered a vigorous people to destroy “gu” war.In this “war”, there is a most noteworthy person – MAO Shoubai.In 1947, MAO Shoubai, a professor of parasitology, was sponsored by the World Health Organization to go to the United States, Britain and Egypt for special study and investigation of schistosomiasis, and cooperated with American scholars in the National Institutes of Health to conduct research on schistosomiasis.At the end of 1949, MAO Shoubai was invited to the central prevention and control station in Jiaxing, Zhejiang province as a technical guide.During this period, he worked on the front line every day, training military medical staff, compiling the Prevention Newsletter to popularize the knowledge of schistosomiasis prevention and treatment, and formulating the diagnosis and treatment standards of schistosomiasis.Within three months, schistosomiasis feces inspection, general survey and treatment were completed, and the spread of the epidemic was quickly controlled.In 1950, the faculty of parasitology in the Medical College at that time had only 17 personnel, which was far from meeting the needs of parasitic disease prevention, scientific research and teaching.To this end, MAO Shoubai suggested to the ministry of Health leadership, the establishment of parasitology teachers training class.MAO Shoubai recruited 71 students, trained the first generation of medical technical backbone and schistosomiasis prevention and control experts in China, and created more specialized talents through them, playing a key role in the fight against schistosomiasis.Experts start by disrupting the entire reproductive cycle of the schistosoma. Once the reproductive loop is opened, the worms cannot reproduce.In the whole life cycle of schistosomiasis, the most easily destroyed stage is the stage of living with oncomelania. Without the host snail, the schistosomiasis cannot complete the growth.So every place started a vigorous campaign to eliminate snails. Although snails are innocent and victims, there is no other way. After all, if we don’t control them, they will spread faster.The elimination of oncomelania hupensis can be described as all 18 kinds of martial arts, such as damming, reclamation, soil burial and other physical methods to eliminate snails.Jiangxi, zhejiang, jiangsu and other places, millions of people are mobilized, taking Numbers, with a spade, shovel, hoe, dig the land, from the field, CaoGou, river snails all buried underground, widely mobilize out people, generally around different natural environment and used ditch, dig new canal were taken respectively, YaoSha burnings deep method of cultivated land.Each wetland, each grassy ditch, each paddy field has become the main site of people’s fighting, they use their own hands to effectively remove the dirt, in this way, countless working people with their most simple wisdom to completely eliminate the host of schistosomiasis – oncomelania.In addition to killing snails, manure was banned from directly entering the fields, and was sterilized before it could be used as farm manure.The main reason for schistosomiasis in Jianghuai region is that there are too many fishermen and farmers.Because there are too many cattle, sheep, horses, pigs and other livestock, their excrement is disorderly, many clean water sources are completely polluted, the water is dirty, which causes the large number of schistosomiasis, snails grow too fast.Therefore, in the 1950s and 1960s, the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China set up an extremely large number of prevention and control stations for vampire worm diseases in the Liangjiang River Basin.A large number of experienced experts from the Ministry of Health were mobilized to form a professional team responsible for cleaning up local polluted waters and establishing reasonable and safe centralized septic tanks.Village officials called on people to improve the conditions for raising livestock and prevent the spread of schistosomiasis caused by animals defecating in the open.In this way, the disease situation in the southern provinces has been effectively controlled, finally meeting the criteria for schistosomiasis eradication.On June 30, 1958, Chairman MAO wrote a seven-word poem entitled “Sending the Plague God” after learning from the People’s Daily that schistosomiasis had been eliminated in Yujiang County.In 1964, under the guidance of experts, the “rapid snail killing method” of shoveling grass, applying medicine and then dipping and killing along the river was created again. This method is still used in many places today.After nearly 10 years of unremitting efforts, Jiangsu, Fujian, Jiangxi and Zhejiang provinces basically cleared all the sewage environment suitable for the growth of oncomelania hupensis, and achieved a great victory against the “insect disease”.Although the war against “gu” can not be called the real sense of the war.However, its wide mobilization of the masses, the duration of the long, the scale of the operation are all amazing to the world.It was also the first large-scale and systematic attack and elimination of infectious diseases in modern China, which effectively guaranteed people’s livelihood and accumulated valuable experience in fighting infectious diseases for later generations.The CPC Central Committee’s attention to schistosomiasis was an important political factor in winning the war.In less than a decade, the south got rid of the name of “evil venomous” hanging over its head for nearly 2000 years, and also let the masses firmly believe that “follow the Party, man will win the day”.