The quantitative relationship of administrative vocational ability tests in public institutions: unmissable and fixed minimum problems

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Extreme value questions appear in the form of flexible test, pay attention to the examination of the examinees’ thinking, in the case of limited time, let some examinees back off.In fact, in the quantitative relationship, there are also some relatively easy questions, reasonable allocation of time, quickly pick questions, you can catch part of the score.So what kind of extremum problem is relatively easy to score?Today, zhonggong education is going to talk about “fixing the maximum value of harmony”.The example shows that there are 21 papers to be divided among five people to complete.If everyone has different papers to complete, how many papers can the person who has the most to complete complete?What is the minimum number of papers to be completed?From the questions, we can find that there are 21 papers assigned to 5 different people to complete.The total number of papers is certain, let’s find someone to complete the maximum value of the paper.So to sum up, the fixed minimum problem requires;Satisfy the following characteristics: 1, the sum of certain quantities;2. Find the maximum value of one of the quantities.The principle of problem solving can be found that since the total number of papers assigned to 5 people is certain, in order to make the person who completes the most papers finish the most, the other 4 people should finish as little as possible.If you want the person who finishes the most to finish the least, you should let the other four people finish as much as possible.From the analysis, we can get the solving principle of sum fixed minimum: 1. When sum is fixed, when seeking the maximum value of a quantity, let the other quantities be as small as possible;2, and certain, when the minimum value of a quantity, let the other quantity as large as possible.If the average of the five different positive integers is 20 and the median is 23, what is the maximum number of the five different positive integers?A.48 B.50 C.52 D.If the average of the 5 numbers is 20, then the sum of the 5 numbers is 20×5=100.The median is 23, the two smallest integers are 1 and 2, and the second largest integer is 24, so the maximum value is 100-1-2-23-24=50.B.A group has recruited 286 graduates in the 2021 graduation season and plans to assign them to 15 different branches of the unit.If the number of graduates allocated to hubei branch is more than other branches, ask the number of graduates allocated to Hubei branch is at least how many people?A.18 B.20 C.21 D.Middle public analysis: 286 graduates are assigned to 15 different branches, then the sum of the number of graduates assigned to 15 branches is certain, and to find the minimum value of a certain quantity, is a sum fixed minimum problem.According to the title, the minimum number of people allocated to hubei company with the largest number of people allocated, just let the number of people allocated to other branches as much as possible.The number of people divided by the second most branch cannot be more than hubei branch, because the number is integer, so the most also want to be less than Hubei branch 1 person, the rest of the branch and the number of the second most branch equal can reach the maximum.Suppose hubei branch is allocated x, then other branches are X-1.X +14(x-1)=286, x=20, choice B.