One of Africa’s most beautiful countries, Morocco, is the setting for Wong’s masterpiece, Operation Red Sea

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I believe that many people like Huang Jingyu very much. As a famous actress, Huang Jingyu has a representative work on patriotism, that is Operation Red Sea, those who have seen the movie.I believe that I was not only attracted by the plot, but also moved by patriotism, leading to some of the locations in the film.The movie was set in Morocco.Morocco is an African country, but this country has a strong Islamic customs, came to Morocco, many people will be intoxicated in the sea and architecture here, the Islamic style of architecture here, exquisite carving, gorgeous colors, amazing.Morocco is located in northwest Africa, along the Arabian Sea, where Africa and Europe face each other. Standing on the coast of Morocco, you can see Spain and Portugal on the other side of the sea.Morocco Morocco is a relatively developed country in Africa, rich in fishery resources, has a certain industrial base, in recent years, Morocco because of its unique ethnic customs, tourism development by leaps and bounds.Morocco Morocco’s capital is Rabat, and the north, guangzhou and other places are not direct aircraft navigation, most of the words to go before also need to change planes.Morocco if you do not know what Morocco plays, then follow the movie to travel is a good way, “Operation Red Sea” in The Chefshawan Medina, Chefshawan back mountain foot park, Spanish mosque and other places are shot, is also a representative tourist attractions in Morocco.Are you interested in Morocco?Welcome to discuss together.Focus on me and see a more beautiful world together!