If a man wants to achieve great things, he must have seven kinds of “scheming”, one of which is also very powerful

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To achieve great things, a man should have the following seven “scheming”, one of which is also very powerful.Really into a big man, often also have these seven people “scheming”, the apprentice will not be too difficult!It needs to be pointed out that these “scheming” is my combination of “Nan Huaijin 32 Classes of Chinese studies”, as well as the other two books of life and achievement class, join their own interpretation, summed up, I hope to help you.”Scheming” a: is a man, will rely on their own, rely on others will not be promising.For men, if you want to achieve great things, you can only really rely on yourself. If you can’t rely on yourself, you can’t “stand up” no matter how you count on others, let alone achieve anything great.As a man, only put the backbone on their own, constantly improve and strengthen their own, can really have the hope of success.”Scheming” 2: Realize that snobbery is human.Nan Huaijin master pointed out that the relationship between people, snobbery is a kind of normal, if the pure moral, regardless of the people’s snobbery, it is difficult to achieve.Of course, on the basis of realizing that snobbery is human nature, it is very valuable to pursue advantages and avoid disadvantages while maintaining basic morality.3. Surround yourself with people who are good for you.Keep company, keep company!More with good character, good enough to associate with people, their own will also get a benign growth, is very helpful to accomplish things and even achieve great things.On the contrary, hanging out with bad friends will only drag you down.”Scheming” four: to be dutiful, do things to practical.”Nan Huaijin’s 32 Lessons of Chinese Studies” said that a person knows his duty, can be careful to keep his duty, after practical work, pay their best efforts, then, even if the rest of the luck, luck often will not live up to you, this is the “do your best, listen to the destiny” of the positive meaning.”Scheming” five: life to atmosphere, there will be gas.A man, want to become a great event, it is necessary to understand the “wealth gather people scattered, wealth scattered people gathered” truth, life must be atmospheric, especially in the face of money problems.The money used on others, to help others solve problems, money for good popularity and friends, accumulated popularity, that is not a loss.6. Don’t work with good friends.Men in the process of success, can not do without the help of friends, but good friends are difficult to do business together, especially when it comes to interests, it is easy to cause big problems, not only affect the career, but also hurt the friendship.In real life, many men have made such a mistake, want to do a career, so must pull a good friend to do together, as a result, often friends become enemies, very not cost-effective.”Scheming” seven: if people do not deceive themselves, then no one can deceive.Master Nan Huaijin, in his later years, summed up one’s life as “triple door” : deceiving oneself, deceiving others and being deceived by others.A man, whether he wants to achieve great things or obtain happiness in life, must go out of the “three doors”. First, he must not deceive himself, always believe in himself and be responsible for himself.Second, do not bully, respect others, do not hurt others;Then is not to be deceived, in life have scheming, work on the wrist, know a good protection of their own.I have said at the beginning, this article is based on “Nan Huaijin’s 32 Lessons of Chinese culture” and other two books of life and accomplishment, summed up, the two books are “accomplishment” and “life should be scheming, do things to have wrist,” so, the following also recommend these three books together to everyone.Nan Huaijin’s 32 Lessons of Sinology, through the sharing and interpretation of master Nan Huaijin’s wisdom of Sinology, helps us understand the strategy of dealing with the world and the wisdom of survival.Reading this book, you can borrow the wisdom of Master Nan Huaijin, remove the inner confusion, find the right coordinates of life, help you improve the level of doing things, also can help you achieve something great.The book “invictus, recommended many times before, is a famous writer, a practical success of feng’s books, the book combined with the experience of zeng guofan’s wisdom and feng, comprehension, talking about how to accomplish themselves, to achieve, continue as things are better than wisdom and skill, the man who wants to achieve great things, especially worth reading.”Be a person to have scheming, do things to have wrist”, elaborated is the art of life and work skills, read the book to be a scheming, you can handle all kinds of complex interpersonal relations, understand the mystery of the world;Master the book of work in the wrist, it will be applied to your success, into the process of great events, will be able to get twice the result with half the effort.If you haven’t seen it yet, don’t miss it.For more exciting content, come to the full interpretation of the wisdom of life