Two women dressed as gongs and drums to the business for money, to less also swear, the owner of the accident took the spoils scene

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For The Chinese people, the Spring Festival is the most joyous day of the year. Whether they go out to work or study, they all return to their hometown to celebrate the Spring Festival, get together with their relatives, and drive out to visit relatives on the first day of the first lunar month.However, there are also a group of people taking advantage of the atmosphere of the Spring Festival, also began to have ulterior motives of activities, is to take advantage of the Spring Festival to visit relatives, deliberately on the road to intercept the size of the vehicle stretch out his hand to ask for money, or is to act as a lion dance team forced performance to ask for money.For those who drive, the only option is to pay to get through if they don’t want to get in trouble.From the Spring Festival has been chongqing, Chengdu and other places, found the old man to intercept vehicles for money, young people play the lion dance team to intercept vehicles for money behavior, many owners were intercepted for their own safety and less trouble, have to pay the corresponding cash to be able to pass, have to say that these people’s behavior is too arrogant.I am “zhengge see life”, and you track the hot social issues, feel people’s lives, interpret the world.If it’s not safe to drive around, is it safe for some owners who run stores?On February 4, a shop owner in Luzhou, Sichuan province, met two women playing gongs and drums at the gate to ask for money, which can be regarded as a tough begging behavior.From the picture can be seen two women wearing red band dress, wearing red hats, one woman carrying a small drum to beat, the other woman is holding a plectrum to beat, a pair of happy celebration of the Spring Festival, in order to pay New Year’s greetings to merchants for money.However, merchants will not pay attention to this kind of tough begging, and some shop owners will give them a little money and leave in order to avoid harassment.And some do not give money or give less money to the merchant, will be abused by two women, have to say that this kind of beggar is too aggressive.”They just came for money, we didn’t give it, and then they cursed,” one of the shopkeepers told reporters.Very angry, and then I followed her all the way, in a moment saw them over there sharing!”It is exposure of the incident of the owner, not to give money back to be abused after the tracking of the shooting, just revealed the ugly face of the two women.Under normal circumstances, most of the people begging on the street are some of the old and infirm, or the elderly are in the majority.Some kind-hearted vendors will also give alms appropriately, to show sympathy and relief.And like these two full-bodied adult women, with this kind of flashy New Year’s greetings way tough begging, it is difficult for shopkeepers to accept.Some shopkeepers who cannot bear its disturbance naturally won’t buy it, drive these two women away directly, and these two women don’t show weakness, actually also export curse, its courage is not general beggar, but brazenly forced demand, with the old society ruffians accept protection money without what two different.After being abused by two female beggars, the shopkeeper followed them all the way to take a picture of their true features of distributing the spoils with mobile phones. Only at the stairway under a pedestrian bridge, the two women, who had been beating drums at the shop door to pay New Year’s greetings, began to count the money one by one.The two women put all the banknotes on the drum and counted them one by one. From the denomination and color of the cash, although there was no hundred-dollar bill, it was very objective.If the other party also prepared the QR code, then it is double income.Crouching at the foot of the footbridge, the two women count the renminbi they beg for, their greedy nature on display.For the sake of a little interest at play ghosts, but also open mouth to forcibly beg, if not banned, this behavior will bring serious damage to the local social atmosphere.At present, many people living in difficulties, the state has introduced the corresponding support policies, such as subsistence allowance, do not appear to be naked, hungry, many people deliberately selling miserable pretending to be poor is nothing more than a scam.People who really need help can’t get it because of this kind of deception.In fact, in addition to this New Year’s day drumming gong to pay New Year’s greetings as an excuse for begging, there are some with the god of wealth portrait next to the shop for money beggars, as well as some people wearing the god of wealth clothing in the street for money.These begging methods are just a few lazy people, to collect money tricks and means.If everyone is like these unearned people, they can stop cars on the street and ask for money at the door of shops, then the whole society will not be willing to pay to make money.It can be seen that its influence is very bad, and has seriously harmed the harmony of the whole society.One of the netizens said: “On the first day of the New Year, a blessing giver came to my house to send a blessing, in fact, is to ask for money, I did not refuse, she directly stretched out her hand for money, my mother and I were kicked out.This kind of person year after year, not one, several a day!’This kind of behavior is a new way to get rich,’ said a netizen from Tangshan, Hebei province. ‘It has been around for a long time.If they make money, they have to share it, otherwise they will give it away.Of course, some netizens said that the best way to meet this kind of people is to call the police, resolutely can not let these people disturb social harmony, if not the street beggars to be legislated, maybe there will be human traffickers after trafficking children deliberately disabled, and then there will be children with disabilities begging scene.What do you want to say about the door-to-door beggars during Spring Festival, and how do you deal with them?Welcome to comment on this post.