The Year of the Tiger Bicycle Zodiac decoration Competition was held in Mexico

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Mexico City, February 3 (reporter Xie Jianing) A blue children’s bicycle handlebar hung full of orange paper, the middle of the handlebar card on the paper written a huge “tiger”;A bicycle basket placed an orange plane tiger head, tiger head above the West and Chinese written “Happy New Year”, tiger head on both sides of the orange ribbon, a bicycle away, ribbon floating;There was a sign on the back of a three-wheeled trailer that read “Happy year of tiger 2022, please be vaccinated” and a child in a tiger costume sitting on the trailer…The fifth “Year of the Tiger Bicycle Zodiac Decoration Competition” was launched in Mexico City recently, kicking off the “Happy Chinese New Year” activities in Mexico 2022.Jacob, a nine-year-old fourth-grader, used his family’s unused headphones, cornflakes boxes and wooden sticks to create a lifelike orange tiger mask that he could wear on his head, with the Chinese character for tiger in the center he copied from the Internet.Jacob, who has been studying Chinese for four months, struggled to answer questions in Chinese as he spoke to reporters.It took Jacob about a week to complete the project from the start.During that time, he and his family tragically contracted COVID-19, but he was encouraged by his family not to give up on his work, perfecting it when he could.”I wanted to send a message through my work that even if life has difficult moments, they will pass,” Jacob said.Just like strong tigers, we will overcome the difficulties and have a good year.”Last year, Jacob took part in the “Year of the Ox Bicycle Zodiac Decoration competition” and won the third prize. This time, he is aiming for the first prize.Garcia, who took part in the competition for the first time this year, goes to learn Chinese every Saturday because she is interested in Chinese culture.Now, she knows about the Chinese lunar calendar, the origin of Chinese characters, pronunciation and intonation, and the Spring Festival.After her Chinese teacher shared the activity with her, she didn’t hesitate to sign up.”It’s fun to try and create something new with recyclables.”She said.Seven-year-old Elena hung an orange ribbon on the tiger’s head so that when she cycled, it would float up and everyone would know it was the year of the tiger, she said.”Chinese New Year is a lot of fun, people sit around the table eating food, kids get red envelopes and I want to celebrate it with my family this year,” she said.Happy Spring Festival in the Year of the Tiger!”Another contestant is five-year-old Genesis, who took part in the race with her mother.While there was no bicycle element, she and her mother recreated a tiger costume using a high school dress her grandmother had saved years ago.Ginice’s mother says she has been fascinated by Chinese culture ever since she was a child and often went to Chinatown with her mother to attend New Year’s events.This time, I want my daughter to participate in the competition, so that she can deepen her understanding of China and love Chinese culture.The competition was jointly organized by the Chinese Embassy in Mexico, The Mexican Chinese Cultural Center and the Mexican city government. It was initiated in 2017 and has formed a huge influence among the citizens of Mexico City, with numerous fans.It has become a tradition in mocheng’s cultural life to celebrate Chinese Spring Festival with zodiac decoration competition every year.Last year, the competition was held online in an innovative format and received a huge response. The event was successfully replicated in the eastern city of Merida, attracting 4.57 million people.This year, due to the epidemic, the contest will continue to be held online, soliciting works from permanent residents of Mexico City and Mexico Valley. The contest will be divided into online application, upload of works, joint selection by judges and audiences, announcement of awards, and live broadcast of awards. The results of the contest will be broadcast online on February 15.For the first time, the contest also opened an exclusive website and a photo wall account, which became an exclusive platform for audiences to experience and share the event.According to Ni Maohua, second Secretary of the Cultural Office of the Chinese Embassy in Mexico, more than 20 Mexican media and new media reported the contest after it was officially launched.Mocheng street arranged by the municipal government to hang posters of the contest light boxes, mocheng several subway line platforms also rolling video to promote the contest, the contest in Mocheng blowing a “year of the Tiger spring” whirlwind.So far, the competition has received nearly 30 entries from the adult and children categories.”The competition integrates the ‘Happy Spring Festival’ concept of innovation, joy, harmony, sharing and Mocheng green, healthy travel. After the online competition, the bicycle is no longer a necessary decoration, but in order to continue the tradition of the competition, if the bicycle elements are integrated into the work, it can be a bonus.”