Fire ones!Wang Meng’s passionate commentary conquered the foreign audience, and the champion presented gold dundun dun

2022-05-27 0 By

This Winter Olympics, Wang Meng through passion and professional commentary attracted a lot of people’s attention, before the people who are not very familiar with her, also know wang Meng is China’s short track speed skating monster level athletes, commentary was once experienced teacher Huang Jianxiang couldn’t get a word in edgings.Different from other commentators, Wang Meng is not only passionate and professional, but also outspoken when he commentates on matches. When he sees Sun Long’s poor performance, he criticizes him directly.It is also heartwarming to see some athletes fail to achieve ideal results after their efforts.Wang Meng’s commentary has also gone viral and even won over foreign audiences.The most impressive sentence is “my eyes are rulers”. Listening to her commentary is very exciting and I want to continue watching it. She is very funny and excited.Thus, Wang Meng’s commentary really attracted a lot of people to continue to pay attention to the ice project.Wang meng commentary game, she is not only at the top of the northeast accent, and strong professional and anticipation, we have more than once at the time of wang meng live hear her, almost every time is right, is her as a former top athletes, for the field to capture instant change is very accurate, much smaller than that of some professional commentator,Wang Meng has a distinct advantage.When The Chinese team won the first gold medal, several relay members texted Wang Meng to thank her for her support and encouragement over the years. Wang Meng couldn’t help showing off to Zhou Yang, Dayang Yang and others.Now Wang meng also received a special gift, namely the champion’s “Jin Dwen Dwen”, or bing Dwen Dwen, the mascot of the Winter Olympics, but the winners were presented with “Jin Dwen Dwen”.Wang Meng online show off, said he had gold dun dun, the champion of the people sent.It was obviously not from Gu Ailing, whom she did not know very well, but from a member of the Chinese short track speed skating team.The Chinese short track speed skating team took the first gold medal for China, but the project is 2000 – meter medley relay, champion is QuChunYu, Zhang Yuting, Wu Dajing, all and fan can be new, everyone are very familiar with wang meng, and many of them are his disciple, the gold medalist from wang meng in his career has also been a lot of experience.The first batch of Gu Ailing’s handwork was given to Wang Meng by Huang Jianxiang before the live broadcast, and she couldn’t put it down.Wang also agreed to sign 20 autographed photos for Gu’s handwork.At the same time, Wang Meng is also the mascot of The Chinese team, which she has said many times in the commentary and live broadcast, which brings good luck to the Chinese team. We also look forward to wang Meng’s commentary in the following days. The Chinese short track speed skating team still has many competition tasks, and strive to achieve good results.