Polyurethane waterproof coating construction will encounter what problems

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In the waterproof construction, the construction of polyurethane waterproof coating will encounter some problems, so when dealing with these waterproof materials, how to solve these problems?Viscosity (1) the viscosity of the paint itself is very high, and the construction is very difficult.(2) If customers are using roller coating and brush coating, they need a smaller viscosity to facilitate construction.Solution: It is recommended to use rubber or metal scraper scraping coating construction, rather than rolling coating or brush coating.A small scale test should be carried out before adding diluents.Tips: Of course, it is recommended not to add thinner.A large number of bubbles or holes appear on the film (1) The weather is wet or rainy.The construction shall not be carried out in rainy days or rainy days. It shall be dried after the rain at the base and rain proof measures shall be taken after the completion of construction.(2) when the user uses the low boiling point thinner, the thinner evaporates quickly and is prone to bubbles or small holes.(3) The weather is hot and the temperature of the base is high.Shade or construction at night is recommended.(4) For loose and porous base, special base treatment agent should be used for base treatment, or appropriate dilution coating, the first time to thin a layer, in order to close the base pores.(5) Single component products: coating is too thick at a time, it is recommended to thin coating.(6) Two-component products: construction should be completed within the opening time, especially in summer when the temperature is high;Avoid excessive mixing speed and the introduction of a large number of bubbles;If the mixing ratio is not correct, bubbles will form.Solution: for a large number of bubbles or pores due to the above reasons, it is recommended to remove them and then re-treat them, or wait until the paint film is dry, and then re-treat the waterproof layer.(1) Polyurethane is usually dried slowly at low temperatures.Drying time is generally about 24 hours.At low temperatures, it takes 2 days or more (depending on the temperature and humidity).The lower the temperature, the longer the drying time.(2) Adding inappropriate diluents or using non-dry containers will affect the drying and performance of the product.(3) If the two-component precipitation or ratio is wrong or the mixing is not uniform, it should be stirred evenly before use, and accurately measured in strict accordance with the recommended ratio, and fully stirred with mechanical mixing equipment.Solution: after construction, such as the above phenomenon, has affected the waterproof performance, need to eliminate and re-processing.Source | network