Gu Ailing perfect continuous skills to crush all will enter the final!No surprise, first in halfpipe qualifying

2022-05-24 0 By

Eileen Gu, 18, who rose to prominence at the Beijing Olympics, returns today to compete in the freestyle halfpipe.Today’s qualifying round was divided into two rounds of 20 participants, the last two rounds of the best score, the best 12 people will advance to tomorrow’s finals, and Gu’s performance did not disappoint, the first round scored 93.75 ranked the first, the second round of her breakthrough 95.50 points, and finally the leader of the way to advance!GuAiLing 9 a.m. in the morning U site in the first round of qualifying, she all players in the third stage, a play she can use moves in a row, to 900 degrees 900 degrees turn right action, and then turn left, then continue to answer the catch plate to the right 720 degrees, 360 degrees to turn down, slippery floor, finishing with pour finally slip 540 degrees, because of the beautiful,High enough to take 93.75 points out of the pack.The second qualifying round tie at the 20 points, 10 GuAiLing or third outing, this time she’s overall movement from the previous round more fluent, begins with a continuous 900 degrees goofy action, first to leap again catch plate techniques, such as obtain 95.50 points and 93.75 beyond the first round, successful finals, with leading appearance will then final on February 18,Gu is going for her third individual medal of the Games.Gu, also known as the “frog Princess”, won her first gold medal of the Games in Women’s Big air, a freestyle skiing event.She scored 93.75 in the first jump and 88.5 in the second, dropping to third overall.Gu scored 94.5 points in her third jump and 188.25 points in her two jumps, edging France’s TessLEDEUX (187.5) to win China’s third gold medal of this Winter Olympics.Later, Gu’s second medal came in slopestyle. Gu’s performance in the first round was not as good as expected, scoring only 69.9 points, ranking third after finishing the first round.In the second round, she lost her balance and fell to the ground, scoring 16.98 points and dropping to eighth overall.In the end, Gu gave full play to her mental strength again in her last jump. She performed all three jumps with high difficulty and quality, but her overall fluency was not at the best level, scoring 86.32 points. She lost by 0.33 points to Mathilde Gremaud of Switzerland and won the silver medal, her second medal of the games.