Shanghai lights’ blue Ribbon ‘for autistic families

2022-05-18 0 By

A new round of city-wide nucleic acid screening is being promoted in Shanghai. For families with autistic children, more difficulties have been encountered. Children cannot go to special schools, and parents need to adjust their emotions in a closed environment.April 2, 2022 is the 15th “World Autism Awareness Day”. Under the guidance of Shanghai Disabled Persons’ Federation, Shanghai Volunteers’ Association, Shanghai Radio and Television Station and Shanghai Culture Radio, Film and Television Group Co., LTD., the “Blue Ribbon Action” aimed at caring for autistic people continues to be promoted.Dozens of organizations, enterprises and social organizations, including the Youth Newspaper and Atmai, have offered their support to the blue Ribbon campaign.It has been 11 years since the launch of the “Blue Ribbon Campaign” since 2012. The campaign has been bringing the public welfare concept of the Blue Ribbon into thousands of households by broadcasting public welfare posters and videos of the Blue Ribbon on large indoor and outdoor screens at traffic points and major business districts of the city and going into streets, communities and even streets.The aim is to attract more public awareness, understanding, acceptance and tolerance of the autism community.Despite the current Shanghai in the very age of epidemic prevention and control, but last night, the Oriental pearl, the window of the bund, Shanghai tower, Shanghai financial information center, a sapphire, white magnolia, etc in Shanghai landmarks for autism community to blue, to participate in the Shanghai area of “global light blue light”, set off along the huangpu river like bright stars,Like the Milky Way in the sky, guiding us across to meet the children of the stars.”Blue ribbon” concern the autism community under a wave of the epidemic prevention and control of life, love children rehabilitation training center in Shanghai Wang Yuwei teacher said when accepting a reporter to interview, because the cause of the outbreak control, the children can’t to school will indeed bring them some impact, “they particularly need to face to face communication, teaching,Since the outbreak of the epidemic in 2020, our school has kept online teaching mode for more than two years.So after the pandemic, our children have switched to online classes.”According to Wang Yuwei, online teaching is currently divided into two modes, one is for teachers to teach children face to face, the other is for teachers to guide parents to teach children in the case of children can not directly online classes, and so far the feedback of both modes is good.After nearly two years continuously optimize online teaching, has been relatively mature, but by guiding parents to autistic children teaching still have certain challenges, “there are a lot of teaching skills to communicate with parents, such as child, why would cry, cry why sometimes you don’t want to children, sometimes cry will immediately picked up the child coax coax,The principles of teaching must be grasped by parents.”Teacher Wang Yuwei said that sometimes parents’ emotions also need to be comforted, “because parents’ emotions can also be transmitted to children. Autistic children are sometimes very sensitive, they will feel that parents are angry, but they can’t understand why, so they will be very upset.So parents also need to appease, need to adjust their emotions.All this needs to be communicated by teachers to parents through a lot of video communication.”Wang yuwei also mentioned that during the epidemic prevention and control period, teachers and parents should help autistic children establish a new routine, which is very important for children’s life during the emergency period.Autistic families need more care from the whole society at this critical time. Blue Ribbon hopes to build Bridges between each other and has been supporting the traffic broadcast of Blue Ribbon Action. On March 23, it took the lead in broadcasting “Listen to the voices of autistic parents” through FM105.7, Shanghai Traffic Radio station, every day from 6:00 to 23:00.This is the most urgent and sincere voice of parents with autism, and we hope it can be delivered in this way.Archimedes also set up the “Blue Ribbon Action Community” on its platform, where we can learn more about the status quo and discussion of the autism group, deepen the public’s understanding of the autism group, and use more social forces to help this group.Editor: Liang Wenjing