Russian President Vladimir Putin published a signed article on Xinhua News Agency entitled “Russia and China: Strategic Partners for the Future”

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Russian President Vladimir Putin published a signed article titled “Russia and China: Strategic Partners for the Future” through Xinhua News Agency on March 3.Russia and China: Strategic Partner with An Eyes on the Future President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin as I prepare for my next visit to China, I am very pleased to have this opportunity to directly communicate with the vast audience of Chinese and foreign readers of Xinhua News Agency, the largest news agency in China.Our two countries are close neighbors and enjoy time-honored traditional friendship and trust.We highly commend the Russia-China comprehensive strategic partnership of coordination, which has entered a new era and reached an unprecedented level as a model of efficiency, responsibility and future-orientation.Last year we celebrated the 20th anniversary of the Treaty of Good-Neighbourliness, Friendship and Cooperation.The Treaty sets out the basic principles and guidelines for our two countries to work together, above all equality, consideration of each other’s interests, freedom from politics and ideology and freedom from the past.It is on these principles that year after year, in a spirit of perseverance, we have deepened our political dialogue.Despite the difficulties posed to us by the Novel Coronavirus pandemic, we are actively working to tap the potential of economic partnerships and expand people-to-people exchanges.During my upcoming visit, President Xi and I will fully discuss key issues on our bilateral, regional and global agendas.Symbolically, our meeting will take place during the Chinese New Year, the Spring Festival.As the Chinese saying goes, “A year’s plan starts with spring.”Of course, we plan to focus on the development of economic and trade cooperation.In this regard, we are well positioned because our two countries have rich financial, productive, technological and human resources that enable us to successfully accomplish the task of long-term development, to jointly achieve stable economic growth, improve the well-being of our citizens, enhance competitiveness, and jointly withstand the risks and challenges of our time.In 2021, bilateral trade increased by more than one third and exceeded the 140 billion US dollars mark, and we are confident that we can make progress towards the target of 200 billion US dollars in annual trade.We are implementing some important initiatives in the areas of investment, production, industry and agriculture, notably the INTERGOVERNMENTAL Committee on Investment Cooperation’s “portfolio” of 65 projects worth more than $120 billion, involving cooperation in areas such as mineral extraction and processing, infrastructure development and agriculture.We have expanded local currency settlement and established mechanisms to address the negative impact of unilateral sanctions.An important milestone in this work was the signing of the Agreement between the Governments of Russia and China on Settlement and Payment in 2019.A mutually beneficial energy alliance is emerging between our two countries.In addition to long-term oil and gas deliveries to China, we plan to implement a number of large joint projects.One of these projects, with the participation of Rosatom, is to build four new generating units at Chinese nuclear power stations starting last year.All this has greatly enhanced the energy security of China and the entire Asian region.We believe that the two countries have broad opportunities to develop partnerships in the information and communications industry, medicine, space exploration, including the application of the national navigation system and the implementation of the International Lunar Science Station project.The two countries will host the year of Scientific and Technological Innovation in 2020-2021, which will inject a huge impetus to strengthening bilateral ties.We thank our Chinese counterparts for their assistance in the production of Russian “Sputnik V” and “Sputnik Light” vaccines in China and for timely delivery of necessary protective equipment to China.We hope that this cooperation will continue to consolidate and expand.Accelerating the social and economic development of Siberia and the Far East is one of Russia’s strategic tasks.These are the areas closest to China.We plan to actively develop sub-national cooperation, attract Chinese investment and technology, and expand global transport and trade routes.For example, work has begun to modernize and upgrade the Baikar-Amur and Trans-Siberian railways.By 2024, its capacity will be doubled and a half by increasing transit volumes and shortening transit times.In addition, port infrastructure in the Russian Far East has been developed.All these will further enhance the complementarity of the Russian and Chinese economies.Of course, careful conservation of nature and common ecosystems remains an important area of our cooperation at the local and border levels.These issues have been the focus of our peoples’ concerns, and as with broader people-to-people issues, we will certainly discuss them in detail during our talks.Both Russia and China are big countries with unique traditions and splendid cultures dating back thousands of years. There is great interest in Russian-Chinese culture, both in our two countries and in other countries.Although tourist flows, joint large-scale events and direct contact between our people have all declined over the past two years because of the pandemic, I have no doubt that we will fight to catch up.As soon as the situation permits, we will launch new awareness and education programs to educate our people about the history and life of our two countries today.Chinese President Xi Jinping and I have decided to hold the “Russia-China Years of Sports Exchange” in 2022 and 2023.Of course, the discussion of international hotspot issues will also be an important part of this visit.Similar and consistent positions on solving global and regional problems are the basis for Russia and China to coordinate their foreign policies.Our two countries are playing an important stabilizing role in today’s complex international situation and are constantly promoting the democratization of the international relations system so as to make it more fair and inclusive.We are working together to strengthen the central coordinating role of the UN in international affairs and do our utmost to prevent the erosion of the international legal system with the UN Charter at its core.Russia and China are actively cooperating on the broadest agenda within the BRICS, the Russia-India-China mechanism, the Shanghai Cooperation Organization and other multilateral frameworks.In the G20, we believe that country-specific circumstances should be taken into account when making recommendations, whether in the fight against COVID-19 or in the implementation of the climate agenda.Thanks in large part to our united stance, thoughtful decisions were finally made at the G20 Summit in Rome in 2021 on international cooperation to restore economic growth, endorse vaccines and vaccine certificates, optimize the energy transition and reduce digital risks.We also have the same position on international trade.We stand for an open, transparent and non-discriminatory multilateral trading system based on WTO rules and support the resumption of global supply chains.As early as March 2020, Russia put forward the initiative to build a “green corridor” for trade without any sanctions, political and administrative barriers.Implementation of the initiative will help overcome the economic impact of the pandemic.The 24th Winter Olympic Games, which is about to open in Beijing, is the most important international event.Both Russia and China are famous for their sports traditions and have hosted many large-scale international events.I have warm memories of my participation in the opening ceremony of the Summer Olympics in Beijing in August 2008.The guests and athletes from Russia will never forget the wonderful performance. The Chinese friends held this event of unique scale with their unique hospitality.Similarly, we were pleased to host President Xi Jinping of China at the opening ceremony of the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi.Unfortunately, the attempt of some countries to politicize the issue of sports for their own selfish ends has become more and more obvious recently.This is fundamentally wrong and contrary to the spirit and principles of the Olympic Charter.The power and greatness of sport is that it brings people together to take pride in national glory and victory and to take pride in playing fair, fair and persevering.Most countries (participants in the International Olympic Movement) agree with this view.Our Chinese friends have done a great deal to make high-quality preparations for the Winter Olympics and Paralympics.I am confident that China’s rich experience in the flawless organization of representative international events will enable it to host this world sporting event at the highest level.I wish the Russian and Chinese teams more achievements and new records!On the occasion of the Spring Festival, the Year of the Tiger, I would like to extend my warmest congratulations to the friendly Chinese people.I wish you good health and all the best!(Source: Xinhua)