Hainan Airlines launches second phase of “Surprise Flight”

2022-05-18 0 By

On February 19, China Southern Airlines (hereinafter referred to as “China Southern airlines”) officially became the first airline in the world to operate the A319neo.It is reported that the new model will provide important support for China Southern Airlines’ “high Plateau” airline operation, to achieve high-quality, green development, to improve passengers’ “high plateau” flight experience, to help the “domestic great cycle” is of great significance.At the same time, with the addition of new passenger planes, China Southern Airlines Group has 881 aircraft fleet, and is China Southern Airlines with the largest number of transport aircraft, the most developed route network and the largest annual passenger volume.In 2022, China Southern Will introduce two more A319neo aircraft, which are expected to be delivered by July.From China southern airlines pictures from China southern airlines to surprise attack Hainan airlines launched the second phase of the flies “surprise” to provide the passengers with flexible, convenient and affordable travel choice, hainan airlines holding co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as “hainan airlines”) on February 21 – February 22 on sale during the second phase of the flies “surprise” ticket booking class products.”Surprise Flight” is a new booking opportunity product launched by Hainan Airlines in 2022. It is also a tail-cabin sales preferential product with four highlights: abundant routes, preferential prices, immediate departure and no worries about cancellation.After the successful purchase, the passenger can be locked in advance of hainan Airlines or Grand China Airlines designated route 1 economy class one-way travel rights.Beijing Capital International Airport (BJIA) is expected to see a departure peak for people involved in the Olympic Games.Departure flight security deployment requirements, according to the civil aviation administration of the latest games since February 20, 2022 at midnight on February 25, 2022, the capital airport terminal 3 will be used in all the games are flight security, at the appointed time, shenzhen airlines in the capital airport terminal 3 (T3) of Beijing’s roads all domestic flights will be transferred to the second terminal (T2) in Beijing.Please check in at H Island for flight T2 from Beijing.Shenzhen Airlines will adjust flight plans dynamically and remind passengers to pay attention to flight information and make travel arrangements in advance.Photo from Shenzhen Airlines