Tax bureau of Binhai New Area: the new bureau is full of strings, concentrating and concentrating

2022-05-14 0 By

On February 7th, the first day after the Holiday, before 8 o ‘clock in the morning, the person in charge of the First Tax Office of Binhai New Area came to the tax service office early, organized cadres to hold a meeting, and made preparations for the first day of the holiday in advance, with high spirit and full drive, efficient and orderly into the tax work.8 a.m., the tax payment on time to start the business window is dealt with, although the day shall be not busy, an endless stream of old people, but the tax cadres in high spirit, enthusiasm, on the premise of well implement the disease prevention and control requirements, actively promote the booking tax, package type, measures such as practical for taxpayers and JiaoFeiRen does the practical work, solving problems,Let them come happy, satisfied.”When I came to deal with the business, I saw that the tax service hall was in good order. The tax officials warmly received me, and all the business was done in a few minutes, very fast!”Zhongxin Pharmaceutical Group Co., LTD. Jianmin pharmacy song accountant said after handling business.Binhai new area, said an official with the first point of the New Year, the new tax will work around tax center, as a whole the epidemic prevention and control and service economy development, adhere to seek improvement in stability, strong collection service, yong as good as that in the new area of the “second venture” spring breeze, singing “I’m from penang, giving big coastal” theme,To accelerate the building of a new era of high-quality development demonstration area to contribute to the tax force.Source: Bincheng Times