Xichuan Chu tomb unearthed two bags of “copper slag”, but why experts obsessed?Now it is the treasure of the town

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We China as the 5000 – year history and culture of ancient civilizations, its vast land is indeed a hidden countless treasures, and these things are subject to our experts to slowly discover and protect, and each time the tomb unearthed seems to arouse great repercussions, even foreigners are very attention, because the history of Chinese civilization is really too bright,So bright that no one can help watching.How many cultural relics are clearly listed as forbidden to be exhibited abroad by the State Administration of Cultural Heritage?It is estimated that many people are not quite clear, and we today important introduction of this cultural relic is indeed a unique national treasure, its excavation is not only shocked the world, but also rewrote a lot of history, it is now the treasure of henan Museum town moire bronze ban!Can trust is to net friends to enjoy archaeology “moire copper ban” 4 words won’t feel strange, because moire copper ban is too bright, the legend about it really is too much, there are many fascinating stories surrounding it, and now the moire copper ban can reappear in the world, it also is really a miracle,And thanks to the conservators.Back in 1977, there was a famous Danjiangkou reservoir in Xichuan County, Henan Province. At that time, there was a drought for three consecutive years, which led to the hardship of the local people. The water level of The Danjiangkou reservoir also dropped sharply, so that the riverbed was exposed.The locals also discovered a hill that had been submerged for decades and became known as Dragon Mountain.Then there are many children love to play in the longshan nearby, but on a day when children play, only hear the sound of a cry, collapse, it is the ground of the longshan suddenly collapsed in a black hole, young children are naturally very afraid, so he immediately go home looking for adult and alerted the local cultural relics departments in the end.Team quickly rushed to the scene, and the results of the survey is here have a tomb, but as want to further understand, water suddenly jumped, but this archaeological action can only be the end, the next 1 years, the team also STH over and over again, until more than a year later, xichuan age hunan truly were found out.The excavation of the Chu tomb in Xichuan is truly amazing, because a total of more than 10,000 cultural relics have been unearthed, including gold, silver and jade ware, weapons, bronze ware, pottery, etc., and the age of the tomb after the identification of cultural relics, the result is from the Chu State in the Spring and Autumn Period.However, what puzzled many people at that time was that the expert was carrying two bags of “copper slag”. Archaeological teammates all thought that this “copper slag” was definitely waste. What was worth taking back to the Bureau of cultural Heritage?Just throw it away.But the fact that these two bags of “copper slag” was later restored successfully by cultural relics experts, and reduced into a treasure that attracts attention from the world, it is “moire copper ban”.At that time, many cultural relics experts were very tired after seeing these two bags of “copper slag”, because this project is very huge, and may not be successful, moreover, what kind of shape this cultural relic is, we are not clear in the heart, how to repair, how to install it?But even so, many cultural relics experts still love “copper slag”, because they know that the difficulty of repair is indeed extremely huge, but if it can succeed, this cultural relic will definitely be able to hold its head high in the world after the world, at one fell swath to carry forward the national prestige of the Chinese nation.Finally, it took more than 3 years for the experts to complete the restoration of the “moire bronze Ban”. However, after seeing such a beautiful and incredible cultural relic, we all sincerely admired the craftsmanship of the ancient craftsmen.