What is the name of the wechat flower

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Particles in the credit.1. “Micro loan” is an online personal micro-credit revolving consumer loan product launched by Tencent for wechat users and mobile QQ users. It is launched by Tencent Webank, the first Domestic Internet bank under Tencent.However, “micro particle loan” adopts the user invitation system, only invited users can see the “micro particle loan” entry and use in the mobile QQ “QQ wallet” and “wechat wallet”, users can not actively apply.2. Network lending refers to the realization of capital lending by borrowers and lenders on the Internet platform. Network lending is mainly small and originated in Europe and The United States during the financial crisis.Online lending is not difficult to understand, all the authentication, bookkeeping, clearing and delivery processes are completed through the network, the borrower and the borrower can realize the purpose of borrowing without going out, and generally the amount is not high, no mortgage, pure credit lending.3. Many people open wechat’s “my wallet” to see micro loans to borrow money.If you see this option, you are already an invited customer of microparticle Loan. If you are not an invited customer, you will not see this option. Microparticle loan is only available to some people at present.People with loan needs can click on “micro loan borrow money” to apply for the credit line. The specific credit line is determined according to the applicant’s personal qualifications. The higher the credit score, the higher the credit line.