Ning Yuan: Hu Yonggang went deep into villages and towns to guide the work of flue-cured tobacco seedling and ridge cultivation

2022-05-11 0 By

Rednet Moment February 8 – (reporter He Yonghui Li Liheng) On February 7, the first day of the New Year, Ningyuan County Party Secretary Hu Yonggang led the county flue-cured tobacco office, tobacco bureau and other units in charge of in-depth investigation and guidance of flue-cured tobacco seedling and planting ridge work.County party committee standing committee, county office director Jiang Hongbo accompanied the investigation.In renhe town standardized flue-cured tobacco seedling base, in the greenhouse of flue-cured tobacco seedling buds bloom, a piece of green.In the greenhouse, Hu Yonggang listened to the county flue-cured tobacco seedling and cultivation of ridge work, carefully looked at the growth of tobacco seedlings, a detailed understanding of the greenhouse temperature, humidity, tobacco seedlings root system and other conditions, on the seedling bed management, flue-cured tobacco planting plan, economic income and township head for communication.Yong-gang hu, tobacco industry is one of the pillar industries in ningyuan, is one of the important gripper masses’ income to get rich, the villages and towns to unify thoughts, consensus, proactive, organization staff down to the fields and make policy interpretation and preach, fully mobilize the enthusiasm of yannong kind of smoke, increase yannong confidence, prepare for tobacco seedling transplanting in advance.Tobacco sector to strengthen technical guidance, promoting science and technology is popular the smoke strategy implementation, best freezing rain and snow disaster weather greenhouses management and the prevention and control of plant diseases and insect pests prevention and seedling period, improve the management level of tobacco seedlings, the strict tobacco seedling cultivation, scientific fertilization, pest control, such as production technology, foster neat uniform vigorous tobacco seedlings and improve overall quality of tobacco seedlings.The relevant units should carry out supervision and scheduling in flue-cured tobacco villages and towns, carefully deploy, work hard and do a good job in service, help solve the actual difficulties of the masses, and ensure the high-quality completion of flue-cured tobacco production tasks this year.Yong-gang hu requirements, is currently the epidemic prevention and control and the critical period of the training of flue-cured tobacco seedling, overall coordination, to insist on one hand grasping the epidemic prevention and control, seedling production, do two, two not mistake, both promote to strengthen epidemic prevention and control, pays special attention to the economic development as a whole, to ensure that the county high quality flue-cured tobacco planting in the whole year of 2022 mission.Subsequently, Hu Yonggang and his delegation also inspected the furrow work of flue-cured tobacco in Liu Anzhong Village, Renhe Town, and listened to the situation of furrow work in the town.